Hi! I'm Julie 

I help introverted business owners build the courage they need to ditch the fear and sell their services and products with EASE.

Hi! I'm Julie.

I help introverted business owners get the RIGHT strategies, tools and habits they need to put themselves out there in the world so they can sell their services and products with EASE

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Learn the 12 exact strategies you can adopt right now to make simple and powerful mindset shifts, that will allow you to ditch the fear, show up and do the work you are meant to be doing! 


The Quiet Powerhouse Membership


An amazing community for the introverted business owners and entrepreneurs who are READY to receive the tools and support so they can finally build the confidence to welcome the new level of success they desire in their business and in their personal life ... and say goodbye to their fears of rejection, failure and imposter syndrome to name a few!




Private Coaching


A personalized and supportive program tailored to suit introverted business owners or entrepreneurs looking to get out of their head so they can find the courage they need to genuinely connect with their audience, have ethical sales conversations, get on more podcasts (or stages?!), launch their latest offer, and sell their product or service with ease.




High Productivity Group Sessions


Coming Soon! High productivity group sessions offered quarterly for the business owner or entrepreneur looking to learn the strategies to get more done quickly so they can ditch their daily overwhelm that their to-do list currently brings them and start getting organized and in action to finally accomplish their goals! 



The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast


Running a business as an introvert in an extraverted world can feel vulnerable, overwhelming and downright draining - but it doesn't have to be the way.

Business and Productivity coach Julie Greenham is here to help you learn the tools, habits and strategies you need to show up confidently, move forward and grow your business!

She openly shares the lessons learned on her own journey as an introverted business owner along with coaching on the go and business and productivity strategies to help you sell your services and products with ease. 


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Business & Productivity for Quiet Business Owners


Introverts often see their tendencies as a disadvantage in the business world (I sure did). But the reality is that you don't have to be more outgoing to be successful.  

Tapping into your gifted personality and mixing it the RIGHT marketing tools and strategies is the first step towards your business growth and unprecedented success – and I’m here to help you do it.

I’m Julie Greenham, a business and productivity coach who supports introverted business owners through one-on-one coaching, a group membership program, The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast and soon high productivity group sessions. 

I believe, above all else, that business is human and that introversion and success are NOT mutually exclusive. I cant wait to help you build the courage you need to ditch the fear and sell your services and products with ease - from a place that feels GOOD to you. 


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Learn 15 awesome tips you can use right now to stand out from the crowd and be a remarkable podcast guest (whether it's your first or 100th guest interview!)