The REAL REASON Why It's Difficult For You To Focus on the Right Things In Your Business And Make Time For What Matters In Your Life UNTIL Powerhouse Planning

Think of ANY entrepreneurs you look up to. Chances are, you look up to them because they have what you want, right?  Maybe it's the sold-out programs, or the huge audience or the impact they are having. 

But there is probably something else they have, that you may not have noticed (until now!). Have you ever noticed that they are really good at managing their time, taking action every day and still find time to do what fills their soul?

What is their secret?

They have their goals and intentions planned out, they have a clear map of where they are heading when January rolls around and they create the space they need to to take care of themselves and their mental health! 

So, the real question is: is it a coincidence that they all have that in common?!

Absolutely not... In fact, they prioritize their time and energy daily first. They are able to step into their full potential because they know exactly what their next steps are. And you can create the same for you!

If you're like most entrepreneurs I know, the biggest HURDLE that keeps your business stuck is this recurring question: 


“How can I achieve more in my business AND find time for myself to do what I enjoy?”


Which of these statements are on repeat in your head?

  • If only I could more money so I can spend more time at home with my family...

  • There's never enough hours in a day to do everything I need to...

  • I never prioritize myself  because everyone always wants something from me...

  • Look at the time! It's 3pm and I haven't even had lunch yet...

  • I have no idea what my next step is or what I should be working on ... 


We all know what happens when we spend long hours working in and on our business every day. We burn out!

Not only that… we start to become resentful of working around the clock all the while barely growing our revenue and not having any time to do what we love the most in life.

The fear of abandoning our plans two weeks into to the new year is real… it causes most entrepreneurs to LOOSE momentum on what they want to achieve in their business every January.

And every single entrepreneur who gets stuck here — and stays stuck here — is forgetting 3 things that’s guaranteed to keep them from building a business that creates an impact and gives them the life they want. 

The 3 Things:

1. Release the current year and all of its energy to move forward powerfully.

2. A strategic plan that starts with identifying your intentions for 2022.

3. Make room for what matters the most to you (so you are not watching the world go by every year but truly LIVING it)

Most entrepreneurs don’t REALIZE what's missing. 

This is a something I want to help you with.



Powerhouse Planning 


A One Day Workshop  on Dec 2 To Plan Your First 90 Days Of 2022 And Create The Space You Need On Your Calendar To Finally Make Time For What Matters The Most To You.

  • Set your business goals and intentions so you can finally follow through with them this year!
  • Make space for things you enjoy doing but never have time to.
  • Gain the clarity you need in your first 90 days to start the year off strong and take action towards what you desire in business and life.

The Guaranteed That Makes This All A Complete No-Brainer...

When you join us in the One Day Workshop, I guarantee you'll walk away by the end of this training having clearly identified and planned the first 90 days in your business and exactly how you will finally make time in your calendar to do what matters the most to you in your life… 

In other words, if you don’t know EXACTLY your plan including your intentions, your goals and how you will fit in what truly matters to you in 2022 by the end of this workshop, all you need to do is email Joramie, my customer support liaison, and I will happily refund 100% of your funds — no questions asked. 


Powerhouse Planning

One Day Workshop on Dec 2.

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