Here’s What’s Inside…

  • 15 awesome tips you can use right now to stand out from the crowd and be a remarkable podcast guest (whether it's your first or 100th guest interview!)
  • Effective ways to grow your audience and improve your credibility when guest podcasting as an introverted entrepreneur.
  • Secrets on what podcast hosts truly want from you as a guest and how to be best prepared for your recording!

How to best prepare for your podcast interview?

Whether you're guest podcasting for the first time or you've been on many shows already, you'll definitely find at least one helpful tip (if not more!) in this guide on how to be a prepared and unforgettable guest.  

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A Note from Julie...

Hi Quiet Powerhouse! I believe that being a podcast guest can increase your exposure in a big way and help you improve your authority.

After bringing many guest experts on the Quiet Powerhouse podcast, I've come to learn the effective ways that makes a guest truly stand out from all others.

No matter where you are in the guest podcasting journey (brand new or 50 interviews in), you can easily prepare yourself and be comfortable during your recording. 

I created this guide to share with you what podcast hosts are looking for in their guests. This guide gives you the effective ways you can reach a new engaged audience and build your trust and credibility. I know you'll feel prepared and at ease for your next interview after getting your hands on it! - Julie 

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