The Mindful Entrepreneur Membership

The first and only introverted community you'll ever need to quiet your overactive mind, experience unbelievable professional and personal growth & operate from a place of confidence and authenticity.

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Created For The Entrepreneur Who's...

  • Running continuously on the hamster wheel 
  • Feeling stuck, uninspired and stagnant
  • Looking for that missing piece of the puzzle to build a (wildly successful!) business from the inside out

What our members are saying


Paige Smith 


"Before joining MEM, I found myself feeling frazzled and overwhelmed as an introverted entrepreneur. As a member, I enjoy each month’s theme and the amazing special guests that Julie brings to the group, speaking about topics such as self-love and abundance. On Q&A days, it’s a joy to hear Julie’s soothing voice and feel her warm and welcoming presence — it’s like an oasis of calm during my busy day. It also brings me great comfort being part of a community of like-minded introverted women, one that feels safe and full of acceptance. Joining Julie’s Membership is the best gift I give to myself, month after month.."

Caitlin Wright 


"I can’t believe how much personal and professional growth I have experienced in the few months that I have been a member of the Mindful Entrepreneur Membership. The monthly meditations and mindfulness challenges are showing me that I am able to experience every day with a greater sense of calm, positivity and purpose. Thank you Julie for creating such a wonderful space!"

Nathalie Amlani 


“I love my experience in MEM that provides access to community, helpful resources, and expert guest speakers. Each week I become more aligned with self and learning more about how to use mindfulness and meditation more effectively in both my business and personal life. I am so happy I joined!”

The only introverted entrepreneur community that...


  • brings together like-minded women who are dedicated to growing their business and supporting one another to thrive on this entrepreneurial journey
  • connects mindfulness to success and builds a fulfilling business on their terms 
  • teaches you the building blocks of the super strong foundation you need in order to create the awesome, unprecedented, feel-good success you're after in your business
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Nice to meet you!


"I’m Julie Greenham, an introverted entrepreneur and business/mindfulness coach who was once where you likely are right now – running a business the way I thought I should instead of in a way that felt good to me.

What I know now – and am here to help you discover inside this membership – is that introversion and business success are NOT mutually exclusive. In fact, introversion can be your superpower, if you tune into it and allow it to guide you. My approach to business is designed around this principle, with a strong foundation on mindfulness in combination with practical business strategies designed to reach your goals. Above all else, I believe that business is human -  and that creating success is an inside job.

The Mindful Entrepreneur Membership helps you find and connect you to your inner driving force to show up in business – and in life – from a place of confidence and authenticity, and I’d love nothing more than for you to be part of our community."