Your Introverted Game Plan to Increase Your Business Revenue

Quiet your overactive mind.

Overachieve your goals. 

Prioritize yourself and your family.

Next public enrolment is June 2022.


Created For The Introverted Business Owner Who's ...

  • Wanting more clients and more money
  • Looking to work less and create more quality time with their family 
  • Eager to develop better habits to prioritize themselves, their boundaries and their time so they can be more productive and do less
  • Looking for the inspiration, accountability and business support they need to grow their business 
  • Wanting to belong to a non-judgmental and safe collective of like-minded individuals to grow their business

... you've been waiting for The Quiet Powerhouse Membership.

The secret to doing less, achieving your goals and making more money doing what you love is about staying accountable and belonging to a like-minded support network that helps you succeed.


The Quiet Powerhouse Membership


The best community for introverted business owners (just like you!) that gives you the weekly business coaching, support, accountability and productivity tools you need to do less, achieve your goals and make more money doing what you love most.


I can’t believe how much personal and professional growth I have experienced in the few months that I have been a member. Thank you Julie for creating such a wonderful space! - Caitlin Wright, Physiotherapy at Home

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The Quiet Powerhouse Membership helps you create your introverted game plan to increase your business revenue. 


We're certain you will not find any other introverted business owner community that gives you the business coaching, mindset support, accountability and productivity/habit tools you need since our tight-knit, non-judgmental and safe online space is focused on high touch connection points weekly to grow and scale your business and spend more time with your family.

Maybe you've previously joined online spaces that felt overwhelming, too much, non supportive, misguided and even dictatorial! 

You ended up feeling lost, confused and you wasted money, time and energy in between with nothing to show for it in your business.

We created something different here because we know what you need to succeed and feel heard and seen as an introverted business owner.

We designed the membership so you can stay accountable to yourself each week so you continuously gain momentum and take action in your business to reach your goals and create more time for YOU and with your family.

You can get the business answers and support you need weekly to grow and scale quickly.

We also designed the membership to help you learn the right productivity/habit tools you need to stay focused, motivated and know exactly what your next step is so you do not fall into overwhelm and procrastination.

The Quiet Powerhouse Membership will teach you how to build a joyful business that creates more time with your loved ones and generates more money.


Honestly, I love this community! It’s not too much or overwhelming like some other ones that I’m part of. It offers just the right enough support in all areas of mindfulness and business. I adore the safe, non-dictatorial way you present business ideas and help your members be intentional. You are an excellent example to follow. Michèle Young, Michèle Young Coaching and Facilitation

Many introverted business owners are lacking the support network, accountability and productivity tools needed to reach their goals and work less.


Sadly, I see it all the time. 


Because they are lone wolves in their business and have no one to bounce ideas off of or get feedback on, they don't keep their word or follow through.

They get distracted, continue to stay small and don't focus on the right things in their business to increase their visibility or have clarity. 

This is such a shame because there is definitely a better way to grow their business and get off the hamster wheel!

This is why I created The Quiet Powerhouse Membership. I want every amazing introverted business owner to feel heard, seen and supported inside the community so they can start growing their business, reach their goals, make more money and have more free time to be with their loved ones. 

That's what life is all about right?! 

I want you to experience the same with our help, support and community.

Develop a Game Plan to Increase Your Revenue 


Whether you are new to business or have been at it for a while, you'll have the clear steps you need to increase your cash flow, adopt the RIGHT mindset to show up in your business, work on your daily priorities, and find the freedom of time you need professionally and personally.

Business life is not for the faint of heart. This community is here to help and support you through wins and challenges. We are 100% committed to your success and you can lean on us anytime.

I help introverted business owners like you sell their services and products with ease


Nice to meet you! I’m Julie, an introverted business owner and mindset and business coach who was once where you likely are right now – running a business the way I thought I should instead of in a way that felt good to me. 

I was trying to do all the things and burning the candle at both ends with little to show for it. My marriage and energy greatly suffered as a result.

Over the last decade, I've spent THOUSANDS investing in coaches, mentors, masterminds, programs, courses, certifications, personal growth, as well as developing the RIGHT tools and habits I needed to prioritize myself, my time and my goals so I didn't burn out again and work around the clock.

What I know now though– and am here to help you discover inside this membership – is that introversion and business success are NOT mutually exclusive. In fact, the key to my success over the years is connecting with other like-minded business owners who I continuously learn from and can bounce ideas off of. A community who is at my fingertips to cheer me on during the sunny days and carry me through the stormy days of entrepreneurship. Building real relationships has made my own business grow, thrive and be more visible to new audiences which in turn has increased my revenue.

The Quiet Powerhouse Membership helps you find and connect you to your inner driving force so you can quiet your overactive mind and teaches you the practical strategies to do less while achieving your goals so you can finally make money AND prioritize yourself. 

Next Public Enrolment is June 2022!