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12 strategies you can adopt right now to make simple and powerful mindset shifts, that will allow you to ditch the fear and make a massive difference to your business!

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Learn 12 ways that super-successful introverted entrepreneurs overcome their fears of failure and feeling not good enough.

You may be a business owner who considers themselves an introvert... 


... More inward turning with your thoughts and feelings rather than shouting things from the rooftop. You're probably like me - a bit more on the quiet side and often craving your alone time. Solitude is a must when it comes to operating at our best in life and business.

Here's the thing! Even though we may not be as outgoing or vocal as other entrepreneurs we see out there, there are a ton of self-identified introverts that are super successful. In this free download, I'm going to show you 12 strategies they shared that you can apply to your business right away to finally move forward and grow your business!

How do you get over not feeling good enough?


Whether you are feeling stuck in your fear of visibility or struggling with comparing yourself to others, you'll definitely find many thoughts, tips or strategies (if not all!) in this guide to create a massive difference in your business.  

Learn from big industry leaders such as:

  • Jasmine Star, CEO of Social Curators who shares her #1 secret that brought her to growth.
  • Stu McLaren, THE membership expert who shares how everything changed when he started to pay attention to this ONE particular thing.
  • Pat Flynn, the podcast king who shares what finally stopped him from feeling like a fraud.
  • Denise Duffield-Thomas, money mindset mentor shares her 2-step process for ditching imposter syndrome.
  • Brené Brown, who needs no introduction shares her 3 tips to get over your biggest critic, YOU.


Grab your free guide to finally learn what it takes to show up and do the work you are meant to be doing!



What's inside?


  • 12 strategies you can adopt right now to start feeling confident in your business (no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey!)
  • Success stories from previously struggling introverted entrepreneurs who felt as though they didn't measure up to their biz peers, believed they didn't have what it took to succeed or felt like a complete fraud in their industry (you may be surprised to see big industry leaders names you love and respect mentioned in this guide! Even the most successful entrepreneur does not escape feeling like an imposter at some point in their career).
  • Golden, simple and powerful mindset shifts that will finally make you ditch the fears of showing up and doing the work you are meant to be doing!

A note from Julie


Hi Quiet Powerhouse! I whole-heartedly believe that introversion and business success are NOT mutually exclusive.

After working intimately with many amazing introverted entrepreneurs in my coaching practice, I've come to find out what truly stands in the way of one's success - themselves. We are always our biggest barrier to growth.

The truth is, no matter where you are in the entrepreneurial journey (brand new or 10 years in), that feeling of not being good enough to be doing what you're doing creeps up!

I created this guide to show you how successful introverted entrepreneurs have walked this path before you and overcame the fears and insecurities. This guide gives you the exact strategies they use to create major growth in their business. I know you'll be inspired and take action after getting your hands on it! - Julie 


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