The Unmuted Introvert

One-on-one Business Coaching for Introverted Entrepreneurs

So you're looking to create more revenue and impact in your business?


You've come to the right place my friend!

I'm here to help you



Mindfully master your mindset



Communicate Authentically and Confidently


Establish business strategies that work for you to help you achieve your goals

Business success is an inside job


A strong, aware and mindful YOU is the key to success in business – in much the same way a solid foundation supports a big and beautiful house. A hap-hazard or shaky foundation might hold up at first but usually leads to disaster down the road (which is why so many entrepreneurs aren’t getting anywhere despite constant effort).

This is why my approach incorporates both concrete business coaching and mindfulness. If you’ve already done MEM, we can put most of our focus on the business side of things, because you’ll already have laid the foundation (yay!). Otherwise, will do the inner work together, in parallel with the ‘outer work’ required to achieve your goals.

Packages & Pricing


The Unmuted Introvert is available in two package options depending on how long of a commitment and how much support you are seeking. Either way, this program is completely customized based on your needs, goals and situation.

Six SESSION Package


Two monthly instalments of $600

  • 6 weekly online coaching sessions
  • Great for those just starting out in business or seeking help with an immediate/specific challenge 




Six MONTH Package


Six monthly instalments of $400

  • 2 monthly online coaching sessions (12 total)                 
  • Great for those looking to 'dig deep', create new habits and propel lasting, positive change




All prices are in CAD and subject to HST.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who wants…


  • Business strategies that work for you
  • To take (the right kind of) action
  • To know – and honour – who you really are
  • To communicate authentically and with confidence
  • To earn more – and feel worthy of every dollar
  • To master your mindset
  • More of the right clients
  • To lead with your values in all that you do
  • To finally feel comfortable online
  • Systems and processes that will help you grow and scale
  • To achieve unprecedented success – on your terms


….The Unmuted Introvert will help you increase your visibility, impact and revenue – in a way that honours your introversion and feels good to you.

What my clients are saying

Michèle Young

"I was always busy, yet not seeing expected results nor experiencing the entrepreneurial joy I hear about from others. With Julie's guidance I'm learning to declutter my thoughts, honour my boundaries, embrace my authentic self, and feel centred. Julie helps me see where I need to get out of my own way. ⁣I highly recommend her transformational coaching to other introverted business owners as a sound investment in themselves."



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