Ditch the fear. Build the courage. Sell your services & products with ease.  

The Quiet Powerhouse Program is the missing piece in your business to STEP into your success.



Ditch the fear. Build the courage. Sell your services & products with ease.  

The Quiet Powerhouse Program is the missing piece in your business to STEP into your success.



So you're looking to:


  • Ditch your fear and show up confidently
  • Make genuine connections with your future clients and customers
  • Find the right marketing tools and strategies that work for you 
  • Bring consistent revenue and clients
  • Have ethical sales conversations that convert


... you've come to the right place my friend!

Sounds wonderful doesn't?


But the reality right now...


... is that you have consumed all the courses and learn all the marketing strategies from the gurus and yet, you're still getting in your head about showing up to your ideal clients and customers.

... you feel energy drained from all the social media content you're creating and wish clients and customers would magically appear without ever showing your face online or recording a video!

... you're doing ALL the things (admin, design, content creation, marketing, client fulfilment, etc.) and wish there was a simple solution to running your business smoothly, have increased revenue AND your sanity (and maybe even your marriage too!)


… You're so stuck in your head about too many things (fear of failure, rejection, success, visibility, imposter syndrome, not being good enough, etc.), that you end up feeling discouraged, tired and deflated.

It's all possible for you Quiet Powerhouse when you have the right tools, habits and strategies that work for YOU!


And the right person and cheerleader to guide you...


So many of us introverted business owners try different ways to gain visibility with diving in blindly into going lives, networking, over and under sharing our story online... only to have this happen to us:

We freeze, we get scattered, fear takes over and the only thought that comes to mind is "I don't think I have what it takes? What do others know that I am missing?"

So if you’ve been feeling loss without any clear direction as to how to sell your services and products and increase your cash flow & profits…

Then I am here to tell you that there is another way to navigate this business journey!


What if you could have the RIGHT tools, habits and strategies you're after so you could create offers that you know your clients need AND are willing to pay for?

What if you could grow your revenue, scale and expand your business WITHOUT sacrificing your personal boundaries and time away from your family? 

And what about if you could grow your visibility WITHOUT worrying about comparing yourself to others and their success consistently?

 Your business success comes from having a strong "inner game" mentality and combining it with the right marketing strategies that work for YOU – in much the same way a solid foundation supports a big and beautiful house. A hap-hazard or shaky foundation might hold up at first but usually leads to disaster down the road (which is why so many entrepreneurs aren’t getting anywhere despite constant effort).

This is why my approach incorporates both personalized concrete business coaching and the right tools and strategies so you can build the confidence to connect with your audience, have easier sales conversations, make an impact in the world and launch that next offer. 

Here's the truth...


The key to business success is learning and applying a blend of internal AND external strategies.

Your business success comes from having a strong "inner game" mentality combined with the right marketing strategies that work for YOU – you end building on the solid foundation that finally enables you to build the confidence to connect with your audience, have easier sales conversations, launch that next offer and make an impact in the world.   

I don't want you to continue building on a hap-hazard or shaky foundation because it holds up at first but usually leads to disaster down the road (which is why so many business owners aren’t getting anywhere despite constant effort).


The Quiet Powerhouse Program


The 1:1 personalized coaching program for introverted business owners is tailored to help you get the nerve to put yourself out into the world, genuinely connect with your audience and sell you services & products with ease.


What my clients are saying

Michèle Young

"I was always busy, yet not seeing expected results nor experiencing the entrepreneurial joy I hear about from others. With Julie's guidance I learned to declutter my thoughts, honour my boundaries, embrace my authentic self, and feel centred. Julie helps me see where I need to get out of my own way. ⁣I highly recommend her transformational coaching to other introverted business owners as a sound investment in themselves."

If you've ever wanted... 


... someone who's there step-by-step keeping you accountable and mentoring you in a non-judgmental way so you know exactly which next step to take to start taking the action towards your goals.

... the tools, strategies and habits you can use to increase your revenue, impact and visibility AND still focus on taking care of you. 

You deserve to invest in yourself and your business starting today.

The Quiet Powerhouse Program is a 1:1 personalized coaching program for introverted business owners tailored to help you get the nerve to put yourself out into the world, genuinely connect with your audience and sell you services & products with ease.


I know you have what it takes already to create the business success you dream of.

I strongly believe that no other program out there delivers the results like The Quiet Powerhouse because of the personalized high performance strategies, tools and habits to help you step up and show up in your business so you can finally get in front of your audience and sell your services and products comfortably.

Maybe you've invested in a coaching program that pushed you to boldly step out of your comfort too fast and without the proper support... and you got terrified and went back into hiding.

That's why I love to work with introverted business owners like you - we get to dig in quickly and figure out what's important to you in your life and business to create a business where you show up powerfully and that works on YOUR terms.

So many entrepreneurs and business owners who we see as being very successful say that the only way to increase your revenue is to get over your fear of being seen and judge and just jump on lives and be a content creator machine EVERY DAY. 

Hmmm no thank you. Tried that, got scared, froze, and realized this method was NOT going to work for us.

I want to know your special talents, what gets you excited in your business and more importantly, what do you truly want your life and business to look like.

Because to help you achieve what you desire the most, I need to know what matters to you most. And if you don't know, we'll figure that out together. 

That's why The Powerhouse program was created.


The Quiet Powerhouse program is not...


  • Where I teach you to change your personality and/or values or tell you to act like an extravert to succeed
  • Where you figure it out alone - I am there to guide and support you every step of the way... through the highs and the lows
  • A place where you get stuck in the past and repeat the same patterns in your business. We look at why certain thoughts and behaviours are coming up for you when fear and procrastination sets in and get you back on track so you can make REAL progress (like finally launching your next offer, getting on podcasts, creating new clients, implement a new routine you stick to and gets you out of overwhelm, etc.). 
  • Where you are let off the hook easily! My coaching is kind and compassionate yet I make sure to hold your feet to the fire... because I deeply care about seeing you succeed in business and in life. 

Business is human. Introversion and success are NOT mutually exclusive.


Often we don't know the next step to tackle in our business or we feel tired and misaligned with what we are currently doing.

We start to convince ourselves that we will never make the money we want, never be good enough to help others and never create the time freedom we desire so badly.

I complete get it because I was in those exact shoes and almost gave up, I got so discouraged.


I've taken MANY wrong turns and have made many poor decisions in my previous business.


Like the time I...

Fully created programs without even figuring out if clients would be interested in them...

Undervalued myself time and time again when it came to pricing my services...

Chose to spend $$$ on pretty websites and beautiful copy without having a single offer out there, generating ZERO income and going into massive debt.

I was also QUEEN at hiding in the "getting ready and researching" stage when I started... waiting for the perfect moment, tool, strategy and client to magically present itself to me at any time.

Can you relate?

But you know what? I decide to learn from every.single.one. of these wrong turns because they all provide me with detours in the RIGHT direction.

I learned to not equate failed business results with my self-worth.

I learned to design a profitable business that works for me, my precious energy and my personal boundaries.

Selling your services and products easily, connecting genuinely with your dream clients and having comfortable sales conversations is darn right possible for you... WITHOUT constantly feeling terrified or worried you want get it all done in a day.

Through my journey, I've realized I was trying to implement methods, strategies and habits in my business that did not match who I was as a leader, a parent nor did I have any clue what my needs and values were.

Now I want to share with you some of these high performance strategies and habits with you.


Join The Quiet Powerhouse program and quickly unlock your full introvert potential!


  • Each month, you'll receive weekly personalized and maximum one-on-one support and accountability so you can take action towards your business visibility, growth, and KNOW that you're making progress.
  • The program gives you all the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL strategies, tools and habits you need to build your confidence in putting yourself out there courageously, increase your revenue and impact, and get control on your daily tasks.
  • After you fill an application and we have a one-on-one call together, we'll book our first session so you can immediately focus and build strong momentum towards your goals in the non-judgmental space you need to shine bright.

1:1 Monthly Support


Weekly Private Zoom Sessions


Each client of the Quiet Powerhouse receives one weekly private zoom session so we can focus on you - what's working, what's not working in your business at the moment. I'll guide you towards clarity and help you find solutions to your biggest challenges so you can keep prioritizing your time and effort where it matters most.



Weekly Progress


You'll commit to staying on track and accomplish what you say you will be working on in between our sessions. You'll have the biggest cheerleader in your corner that will 100% hold your feet to the fire so you can make maximum progress - in a kind and compassionate way.

Unlimited Direct Support To Julie


Direct Voxer/Email Support In-Between Sessions


You will have priority and direct access to me in-between our sessions for any questions, concerns and challenges that presents themselves in your business, get you unstuck if need be and keep you on the fast track towards your goals.

Live Half-Day Productivity Session


Achieve More by Doing Less


Determine your exact business and personal goals for your next 90 days so you can guarantee your progress weekly.

I run these half-days once a quarter in an intimate setting (no more than 20 people) to ensure you have a high touch personalized experience and all the extra attention you deserve to have a clear direction on your next goals and escape any distraction. 

You'll also establish routines and rituals to prioritize yourself so you can maximize your energy, productivity and efficiency at home and in your business. 

Interested In Making It Happen?


The next step is to fill out the short application and set-up a one-on-one call to get to know you. This time will give me more insight on how I can help you get the nerve to put yourself out there so you can sell your services and products with ease.


Sell Your Services And Products With Ease. 


Whether you're wanting to start a business or have been running one for years, you'll learn the tools, strategies and habits you need to create an introverted business that feels joyful, ethical, successful and PROFITABLE.

You'll get clear on your next steps so you can build the courage to finally be visible to your audience whether you're focused right now on sending that first email to your brand new subscriber list, launching, attracting the right clients and customers, getting on more podcasts (and stages if that's what you want!), etc.

We'll work together to ensure you have all the knowledge, support, mentoring and accountability to help you step up your business, achieve your goals and strike the RIGHT work-life balance for you. 

Start Selling Your Services and Products With Ease in 2 Easy Steps

  • STEP 1

Fill out the application for the Quiet Powerhouse Program

Click the Get Started button below to fill out your short form application for the Quiet Powerhouse Program. Your answers will help me get to know you, your business and your goals more.

  • STEP 2

Set up your 1:1 call 

During this call, you'll share what is working for you right now and what new heights you envision for yourself and your business. I'll answer any questions you may have about the program and ensure it's a great fit.



I help Introverted Business Owners Sell Their Services And Products With Ease   


Hi! I'm Julie Greenham, founder of The Quiet Powerhouse. 

If you've ever felt like running your business was too vulnerable, overwhelming and downright draining...

Figuring out your services, finding the right clients and marketing yourself leaves you with a sense of feeling lost and frustrated...

Maybe there's not enough hours in a day to do ALL the things and keep your sanity to be present with your family or loved ones during your down time. 

I can relate to this all too well. I was once where you likely are right now.

You want to increase your cash flow and visibility, bring in more of your dream clients, scale and expand your business all the while working less to have more time to focus on you and your family.

You're ready to create a business where the marketing, visibility and growth suit YOUR specific business and personal goals.

You're ready to create a strategic plan so you know exactly what you need to be focusing on for your next 90 days and what actions you need to achieve your goals.  

I've built a simple and successful business that aligns directly with my personality, my personal and business goals and protects my energy and boundaries.

And I've help over 50 business owners do the same.

Now I want to help you.


Why Many Introverted Business Owners Burn Out and Don't Achieve Their Goals

1. Playing by other people's rules

You follow the advice of the gurus - create and post on social media every day, do uncomfortable lives, constantly put yourself out there to network or work hard most evenings and weekends away from your family and friends to build a successful business.

There's another way.

Too many times, introverted business owners build a business the way they THINK they should, instead of in a way that feels good to them. They don't know there is a simpler way to create a business that is sane, joyful, ethical, successful and profitable. One that allows you more time in your schedule to spend it with the ones you love the most. 


2. Working on external strategies and tactics only

You're staring at your screen all day researching the latest marketing or social media tactics, equipment or software to use so you can finally go live. You want to make sure you have everything perfect before launching and putting yourself out there. 

But you get stuck in your head with too many things... what if I am not good enough, what if the client says no to my offer, what if I have an online hater?

Well you know what? External strategies are great to know, however they are essential strategies and tactics to work on inside that will create the most long lasting impact in your business.


3. Struggling with productivity & time management

Your task list is never ending. You are constantly running through your day feeling like you can't catch up. If only there was more hours in a day to do all the things.

We all have only 24 hours in a day, so what makes some business owners so good at managing their time and achieving their goals every day?


That's what makes the Quiet Powerhouse Program different 

This high-touch program was created for you to make faster progress towards your goals so you can show up confidently and build a business that aligns with your personal energy and dream schedule. 

Our weekly sessions and direct access to me in-between them will ensure you never fall back into hiding or make excuses not to continue taking action towards your goals. Any fears, questions or need for clarity/motivation that come up will always be talked through and addressed to get you back on track quickly. 

With the live productivity session, you'll create a schedule that fits your needs and goals so you can start achieving more while doing less.  

This is what makes The Quiet Powerhouse Program work for you to sell your services and products with ease.

Packages & Pricing


The Quiet Powerhouse Program is available in two package options depending on how long of a commitment and how much support you are seeking. Either way, this program is completely customized based on your needs, goals and situation.

Three MONTH Package


or three monthly instalments of $1240

  • 12 weekly online coaching sessions
  • Great for those just starting out in business or seeking help with an immediate/specific challenge 




Six MONTH Package


or five monthly instalments of $1528

  • 24 weekly online weekly coaching sessions        
  • Great for those looking to 'dig deep', create new habits and propel lasting, positive change




All prices are in CAD and subject to HST.



Want to get started or talk it through?


Click here to fill out this short application and I'll reach out to set up a one-on-one call to get to know you better. This time will give me more insight on how I can help you get the nerve to put yourself out there so you can sell your services and products with ease.