The Power Of Writing for Introverted Entrepreneurs - EP 81


“All you need to be is one small step ahead of the person who’s going through what you just came out of successfully… you know what they’re going through and they can learn from you.”

—  Renee Harrison


Do you ever dream about becoming a published author — but aren’t sure that you have a book in you?


Then I’d love to introduce you to Renee Harrison, founder of Introvert Rising!


Renee helps introverted women entrepreneurs tap into their story and get it onto the page through expert coaching, online courses, a supportive community, and insightful critiques throughout the process.


Publishing a book is a powerful way to build credibility and raise your profile, but it will also help you connect more strongly with your message.


“The act of writing — especially writing in a book — you’re forced to go deep and you’re forced to come up with that clarity of...


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