Establishing A Success-Focused Routine - EP 100


“We go through phases in life where we have to be realistic with what we’re capable of doing, mentally and physically, where we are.”

—  Julie Greenham


Welcome to episode 100! (Just wanted to take a small moment to celebrate!)  Getting to 100 episodes is no mean feat. Like achieving any other goal, the path is made easier when you’ve established a success-focused routine.


Whether you’re a morning or an evening person, having a great routine and building healthy and productive new habits can help you make big transformations over time — even though the daily changes themselves may be small.


It doesn’t require a major time investment. Your routine doesn’t have to be more than ten minutes long (of course, it can be longer if you wish!). If you’re ready to create a routine designed to help you achieve — through small, consistent steps — then press play! It all starts right...


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