Navigating Challenging Times - EP 63




“When we suppress [feelings], they come back with a vengeance.”

—  Julie Greenham


This episode is a personal one. We all go through challenging times — illnesses, job terminations, breakups, and breakdowns. These are an inevitable part of life. It’s how we navigate these challenges that determines how we end up on the other side. 


Yes, this episode is all about how to deal when life kicks us around.


Big life changes can often lead to depression or anxiety, which can affect how we show up in our businesses… or keep us from showing up at all. For solopreneurs, this is especially challenging. 


Big changes can also lead to big fear of change. Fear of change is borne of fear of uncertainty, which can bring up past issues or cause unwanted mindset shifts. 


In this episode, I want to talk about the steps that you can take (and the space that you can create) that will help you...


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