Creativity and The Mindful Entrepreneur with Emily Milling - EP.65

“Creativity does not demand perfection. It just asks that you put something out there.”

—  Emily Milling

This episode of the Quiet Powerhouse Podcast is just a little bit different.

The guest this week… is me.

In this crossover episode with The Ultimate Creative podcast, host Emily Milling interviews me about the Mindful Entrepreneur Membership — and we find ourselves in a fascinating discussion about introversion, mindfulness, and the creative process along the way! 

As a multi-passionate creative and entrepreneur, Emily is used to moving a mile a minute, but recent health concerns have forced her to slow down… and she’s discovered that sometimes pumping the brakes is the very best thing that you can do with your business.

Emily is an absolute delight, and the discussion not only digs deep into the true meaning of creativity and how to best harness it… but it’s also completely hilarious!

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