Strengthening Our Communication And Boundaries For Success - EP 78


“I think that long before I became a coach as a career, that’s the role that I played all my life.”

—  Michele Young


If you have trouble saying “no” in your business — or personal life — you’ll want to take some notes during this week’s episode!


Michele Young is a certified coach-practitioner who helps business owners uplevel their communication skills and learn how to build stronger business relationships.


It’s a career that fits her like a glove.


Michele has always been an emotional caretaker, offering support and advice to friends and family. Her early jobs included executive assistant and copy editor, both supportive roles.


Michele is so amazing at what she does because her work is in alignment with her zone of genius.


Michele believes that work doesn’t have to be a slog or unhappy, as long as we aren’t trying to fit a square peg into a round hole....


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