3 Ways To Build Up Your Entrepreneurial Resiliency - EP 103


“We all start in business thinking we’re going to do what we love and it’s going to be great, but there’s so many other parts that we didn’t expect... We need to bounce back easy from these things.”

—  Julie Greenham


If I were to ask you what you believe to be the #1 trait that you need in order to run your business effectively, what would you say?


Most people believe that “confidence” is the top trait of successful business owners. I happen to have a different opinion!


As business owners, we don’t often start off feeling confident. The early days of a start-up can be nerve wracking — and so can many of the days that we experience after years of running established businesses! Confidence is something that grows over time, so I don’t think it’s the most helpful way to frame success.


I think that the #1 trait that contributes to success is resiliency.




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