Tapping Into Your Best Introvert Skills - EP 77


“Even 33 years later, I do every once in a while have to think of putting my
superhero cape on and mentally making that stance when I have a difficult
day ahead of me,  and just empower myself.”

—  Karin Welsh

Some occupations are tailor made for introverts. Others can be a little more of a challenge.


Karin Welsh is a real estate broker and a hardcore introvert — two things that form an unexpected pairing!


The real estate industry is not a place where you would expect introverts to thrive, and it’s true that many aspects of the job of real estate agent do favour extroverted people. Yet Karin has managed to become very successful... and has discovered that being an introvert has actually provided her with strengths that are ideally suited to her work.


Karin discovered a love for real estate when she was a child, observing her realtor father selling houses and her stay-at-home mother creating a cozy and inviting...


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