Why We Feel Imposter Syndrome, And How To Get Out Of It - EP 89


“I choose where I spend my money, and when I do that… I want to have the full experience. I want you to show me that, in every single part of my experience, you’re delivering on your values and your integrity and the things that you say you will do.”

—  Julie Greenham


Are you worried that you’re teaching or helping others with something that you haven’t fully mastered yet?


Here’s a quick news flash: very few people will ever reach the point of truly mastering something.


And that’s okay!


You can help people at a very high level, even if you still have a lot to learn yourself. You only have to be a few steps ahead of those you are teaching in order to offer real, significant value.


Perfection is not a requirement.


It is through making mistakes that we gain a deeper understanding of the things that we’re teaching, after all. And you can offer more value to people when...


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