Replay: How to Navigate Online Networking as an Introvert - Ep. 70


“You don’t really have that opportunity for the awkward small talk in an online networking event.”

—  Angela Hall


In-person networking doesn’t come easy to everyone… and that’s especially the case for introverts.


But “who you know” still plays a vital role in helping you land new clients, earn valuable referrals, and gain access to opportunities to grow your skill set.


But here’s the good news: during this period of physical distancing, Zoom meetings, and virtual events, introverts have the chance to flex their mingling muscles and shine online.


My guest, Angela Hall, is an interior decorator who specializes in creating comfortable home spaces, and in this conversation she shares some deep insights on becoming comfortable in online spaces.


While this is a replay of an early episode of the podcast, it’s packed with valuable tips to help you navigate our new digital...


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