Replay: 3 Mindful Practices to Overcome Fear in Your Business - EP. 68

“As an entrepreneur, the journey, the challenges, the fears — they never end.”

—  Julie Greenham


What do skydiving and entrepreneurship have in common?


They can both be terrifying — but can take you to heights you would never have imagined!


While the fear that entrepreneurs experience while running our businesses may not be as extreme as the fear we would feel while jumping out of an airplane, it can still paralyze us and keep us from making the impactful moves we need to make in order to grow and scale, and can even lead to chronic stress and anxiety. 


While unfortunately this fear can creep up at every stage in your entrepreneurial journey, you don’t have to let it control you and risk your momentum!


In this episode, I share 3 powerful mindfulness practices that I use when faced with fear in my own business and personal life. 


You’ll learn a simple technique for grounding yourself...


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