REPLAY: Why You Shouldn't Set New Year's Resolutions - EP 83


“Intentions have a lot of power. Because once you set an intention... you automatically start to create a direction. It’s like a starting point. It’s like a map. Your actions will follow and fall in place much more easily.”

—  Julie Greenham


This is the final episode of 2021 — so it’s time to talk about your New Year’s resolutions for 2022.


My advice? Don’t make any. Yes, I’m serious!


I don’t believe in setting resolutions because, for most people, they tend to take the form of radical, unrealistic goals that require a drastic change to their routine or lifestyle. 


These types of resolutions can feel really good at the moment that you set them — after all, they feel like the first step to creating a magical new life where you go to the gym every day, triple your monthly revenue, or cook complicated meals from scratch every night, for example.


Of course,...

5 Transformational Business Growth Strategies You Need for 2022 - EP 82


“You already have what it takes. You just need someone to help you do it in a very strategic way.”

—  Julie Greenham


For many people, myself included, last year was full of intense emotions and situations. Yet despite all of the hardships that 2021 dropped in my lap, I still managed to double my income... while slowing down my pace and creating space to honour and experience my feelings.


How did I do it?


Through implementing five intentional practices designed to help me to grow as a person — which unexpectedly helped me grow as a business owner, too!


As we head into another year of uncertainty, I want you to have the tools that you need to scale with ease. In this episode, I break down each of these new practices and how they’ve changed my life for the better. You’ll learn who I worked with to put them in place, the immediate benefits to my business, and how they’ve dramatically shifted my...

The Power Of Writing for Introverted Entrepreneurs - EP 81


“All you need to be is one small step ahead of the person who’s going through what you just came out of successfully… you know what they’re going through and they can learn from you.”

—  Renee Harrison


Do you ever dream about becoming a published author — but aren’t sure that you have a book in you?


Then I’d love to introduce you to Renee Harrison, founder of Introvert Rising!


Renee helps introverted women entrepreneurs tap into their story and get it onto the page through expert coaching, online courses, a supportive community, and insightful critiques throughout the process.


Publishing a book is a powerful way to build credibility and raise your profile, but it will also help you connect more strongly with your message.


“The act of writing — especially writing in a book — you’re forced to go deep and you’re forced to come up with that clarity of...

Essential Oil Basics with Mackenzie Banta - EP 80


“It’s a real honour to be able to help people out there feel better naturally and have tools in their toolbox for themselves.”

—  Mackenzie Banta


If you’ve ever wanted to learn the basics of using essential oils for wellness, you’ll want to tune into this episode!


My guest, Mackenzie Banta, is the founder and CEO of Midtown Essential Oils, a health-conscious global community dedicated to natural health and holistic living.


Essential oils can be powerful tools, particularly when it comes to emotional healing. If you’ve ever used lavender essential oil in a warm bath or a citrus oil in a diffuser at the start of your workday, you know how just a few drops of oil can boost your mood! But did you know that some essential oils can also help reduce inflammation and lower cortisol levels? 


In this episode, Mackenzie answers some major FAQs about incorporating essential oils into your daily routine,...

Financial Freedom? Yes Please! - EP 79


“It’s never too early to learn about how to handle money in your business.”

—  Melissa Houston


Dealing with finances can be one of the most nerve-wracking aspects of running a business — but it’s also one of the most important.


Unfortunately, since money management isn’t taught in schools the way it should be, many of us feel confused (or even intimidated) when it comes to understanding our numbers. 


Financial strategist Melissa Houston helps business owners push through the overwhelm, get a handle on their finances, and put themselves on a path to building real wealth.


And she actually makes it feel easy!


The key? Addressing money mindset issues.


“Money is a very emotionally charged topic, especially for women,” Melissa explains. “If we have things that are holding us back in our business because of these money mindset issues that we’ve been...

Strengthening Our Communication And Boundaries For Success - EP 78


“I think that long before I became a coach as a career, that’s the role that I played all my life.”

—  Michele Young


If you have trouble saying “no” in your business — or personal life — you’ll want to take some notes during this week’s episode!


Michele Young is a certified coach-practitioner who helps business owners uplevel their communication skills and learn how to build stronger business relationships.


It’s a career that fits her like a glove.


Michele has always been an emotional caretaker, offering support and advice to friends and family. Her early jobs included executive assistant and copy editor, both supportive roles.


Michele is so amazing at what she does because her work is in alignment with her zone of genius.


Michele believes that work doesn’t have to be a slog or unhappy, as long as we aren’t trying to fit a square peg into a round hole....

Tapping Into Your Best Introvert Skills - EP 77


“Even 33 years later, I do every once in a while have to think of putting my
superhero cape on and mentally making that stance when I have a difficult
day ahead of me,  and just empower myself.”

—  Karin Welsh

Some occupations are tailor made for introverts. Others can be a little more of a challenge.


Karin Welsh is a real estate broker and a hardcore introvert — two things that form an unexpected pairing!


The real estate industry is not a place where you would expect introverts to thrive, and it’s true that many aspects of the job of real estate agent do favour extroverted people. Yet Karin has managed to become very successful... and has discovered that being an introvert has actually provided her with strengths that are ideally suited to her work.


Karin discovered a love for real estate when she was a child, observing her realtor father selling houses and her stay-at-home mother creating a cozy and inviting...

How To Get Your Business Ready For The Holidays (For Time Off!) - EP 76


It’s that time of year again, my friends. We’re lighting candles, decorating trees, and putting together shopping lists for feasts with friends and family.


But we’re also putting together holiday promotions, coming up with strategies for the new year, and trying to clear our schedules so that we can enjoy a little rest and relaxation.


In this week’s episode, I share five tips on how to get your business (and yourself) ready for the holidays, so that you’re prepared to dive back into work after your winter break without feeling overwhelmed.


If this holiday season you’d rather focus on being fully present while spending time with loved ones and having second helpings of your holiday meal than on taking care of your business, then let’s begin!


Listen now to learn what to include in your auto-reply, how to avoid an overpacked schedule, and what to do with your calendar apps — it all starts when you...

Navigating The News And Protecting our Energy - EP 75


“We tend to get triggered just by hearing things that contradict our worldview.”

—  Sara Beth Wald


Many of us want to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world today, but are anxious (and maybe even fearful) about the chaotic state of the news.


Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to stay informed without dealing with the overwhelm? 


My guest, Sara Beth Wald, is a self-professed news nerd who is passionate about helping people understand and access the news of the day with less anxiety and fear, through consuming it mindfully. 


As a former journalist and social worker, she’s ideally trained for this sort of work!


The truth is that many news sources are more interested in selling to us than in keeping us informed, and the information that we’re given is often calibrated to suit a specific target audience.


And it can be hard to figure out where the truth lies!


Asking for Permission - EP 74


“We are masters and captains of our own ships. And most of the time, we know exactly what to do.”

—  Julie Greenham


Be prepared — I get a little bit fired up in this episode! That’s because this episode’s topic is one that pops up far too often in the lives of entrepreneurs. Yes, even in my own life.


I want to talk about the act of asking permission for things… in our own businesses.


Put up your hand if you’re guilty of this. I’m guessing that a lot of listeners have caught themselves seeking the permission or approval of other people when making decisions in their role as founder and CEO. 


This type of behaviour can often be traced back to childhood, to the idea of raising our hands, waiting our turns, and relying on authority figures to guide us.


But if we need to seek approval for every step that we want to take in our businesses, that slows us down… and can even...


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