How To Get Your Business Ready For The Holidays (For Time Off!) - EP 76


It’s that time of year again, my friends. We’re lighting candles, decorating trees, and putting together shopping lists for feasts with friends and family.


But we’re also putting together holiday promotions, coming up with strategies for the new year, and trying to clear our schedules so that we can enjoy a little rest and relaxation.


In this week’s episode, I share five tips on how to get your business (and yourself) ready for the holidays, so that you’re prepared to dive back into work after your winter break without feeling overwhelmed.


If this holiday season you’d rather focus on being fully present while spending time with loved ones and having second helpings of your holiday meal than on taking care of your business, then let’s begin!


Listen now to learn what to include in your auto-reply, how to avoid an overpacked schedule, and what to do with your calendar apps — it all starts when you...

Navigating The News And Protecting our Energy - EP 75


“We tend to get triggered just by hearing things that contradict our worldview.”

—  Sara Beth Wald


Many of us want to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world today, but are anxious (and maybe even fearful) about the chaotic state of the news.


Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to stay informed without dealing with the overwhelm? 


My guest, Sara Beth Wald, is a self-professed news nerd who is passionate about helping people understand and access the news of the day with less anxiety and fear, through consuming it mindfully. 


As a former journalist and social worker, she’s ideally trained for this sort of work!


The truth is that many news sources are more interested in selling to us than in keeping us informed, and the information that we’re given is often calibrated to suit a specific target audience.


And it can be hard to figure out where the truth lies!


Asking for Permission - EP 74


“We are masters and captains of our own ships. And most of the time, we know exactly what to do.”

—  Julie Greenham


Be prepared — I get a little bit fired up in this episode! That’s because this episode’s topic is one that pops up far too often in the lives of entrepreneurs. Yes, even in my own life.


I want to talk about the act of asking permission for things… in our own businesses.


Put up your hand if you’re guilty of this. I’m guessing that a lot of listeners have caught themselves seeking the permission or approval of other people when making decisions in their role as founder and CEO. 


This type of behaviour can often be traced back to childhood, to the idea of raising our hands, waiting our turns, and relying on authority figures to guide us.


But if we need to seek approval for every step that we want to take in our businesses, that slows us down… and can even...

Being Creative (Even If You Think You Aren’t) - EP 73


“Creativity is really broad, it’s not that you have to be able to paint or draw. I think everybody has creativity in them in some form. It might be in baking, it might be in gardening, it might be in sewing or knitting.”

—  Lorraine Thomson


Do you consider yourself creative?


While many people may answer “no,” creativity can mean many different things! And there can be no telling where your creative journey can take you.


My guest for this episode is Lorraine Thomson, who always knew that she wanted to be an artist... even as she set it aside to pursue a career in nursing.


10 years into her career as a nurse-practitioner, the urge to create became too overwhelming. Lorraine left her job and returned to school, where she earned a degree in Fine Arts from Western University.


Lorraine now works full-time as an artist, creating and teaching others how to create through the Zentangle Method, a relaxed...

The Word "Expert" - EP 72


“You can be just a few steps ahead, and you’re still able to help someone else.”

—  Julie Greenham


How do you feel about the word “expert”? Or how about “leader”? Many of us feel ambivalence or a sense of disconnect about being referred to as an expert or a leader in our fields — no matter how long we’ve been doing our work!


For a long time, I felt very uncomfortable with the word “expert.” It’s not a label that naturally occurred to me when I thought about myself and my work, and I resisted having it applied to me. I had very definite ideas of what it meant to be an expert: I thought that you had to know everything inside and out. That you couldn’t stumble over your words or concepts while doing Lives, or even while talking to other people. That you needed to know the answer to every single question, always.


These were very unreasonable standards. And very, very...

Tapping Into Your Introvert Strengths To Thrive In Business - EP. 71


“We want other people feel unstuck when it comes to seeing the world.”

—  Garrett Oler


If you have chronic wanderlust or just want to experience a change of scenery after being locked down for the past couple of years, you’ll want to check out this episode!


My guest, Garrett Oler, is the co-founder of Connected Family Travel, a business that is dedicated to helping families experience the dream vacations they never thought they could afford, through ‘travel hacking’ with travel points and smart action plans!


While Garrett identifies as introverted, he enjoys doing Lives and showing up in front of his audience. In this conversation, we talk about how to avoid being pigeonholed by labels and expectations, the state of the travel industry post-lockdowns, and why it really does take a village, whether we’re talking about raising a family, starting a business, or even doing your marketing!



Replay: How to Navigate Online Networking as an Introvert - Ep. 70


“You don’t really have that opportunity for the awkward small talk in an online networking event.”

—  Angela Hall


In-person networking doesn’t come easy to everyone… and that’s especially the case for introverts.


But “who you know” still plays a vital role in helping you land new clients, earn valuable referrals, and gain access to opportunities to grow your skill set.


But here’s the good news: during this period of physical distancing, Zoom meetings, and virtual events, introverts have the chance to flex their mingling muscles and shine online.


My guest, Angela Hall, is an interior decorator who specializes in creating comfortable home spaces, and in this conversation she shares some deep insights on becoming comfortable in online spaces.


While this is a replay of an early episode of the podcast, it’s packed with valuable tips to help you navigate our new digital...

Replay: How Our Past Teaches Us Where Our Strengths - EP 69


“If I’m doing something that I know is uncomfortable, I have to get to the heart of what that uncomfortableness is for me.”

—  Julia Toothacre


Is it possible to find a new way to work: one that feels easier, less stressful, and more natural?


The answer is yes — but first, you have to take a good, honest look at yourself.


My guest, Julia Toothacre, is a career strategist, coach, host of the Ride the Tide podcast, and mom to a toddler. She helps her clients develop action plans to take the steps necessary to get them where they want to go.


And a big part of creating a realistic path for your life and developing attainable goals is understanding your strengths — and getting in touch with your own unique approach to work.


This episode is all about self-assessment, a powerful tool which identifies and honours the ways and times you work best!


Introverted entrepreneurs will find impactful...

Replay: 3 Mindful Practices to Overcome Fear in Your Business - EP. 68

“As an entrepreneur, the journey, the challenges, the fears — they never end.”

—  Julie Greenham


What do skydiving and entrepreneurship have in common?


They can both be terrifying — but can take you to heights you would never have imagined!


While the fear that entrepreneurs experience while running our businesses may not be as extreme as the fear we would feel while jumping out of an airplane, it can still paralyze us and keep us from making the impactful moves we need to make in order to grow and scale, and can even lead to chronic stress and anxiety. 


While unfortunately this fear can creep up at every stage in your entrepreneurial journey, you don’t have to let it control you and risk your momentum!


In this episode, I share 3 powerful mindfulness practices that I use when faced with fear in my own business and personal life. 


You’ll learn a simple technique for grounding yourself...

Replay: How to Self-Advocate as an Introvert - EP 67


“I’m just learning over these last few years that ‘no’ is a complete sentence.”

—  Christen N. James


Alongside management, sales, and marketing, self-advocacy is an important skill that every entrepreneur should master!


As introverted business owners, we often stumble when it comes to standing up for ourselves — whether it’s against pushy clients, unfair vendors, or collaborators who may be taking advantage. We tend to be people-pleasers who focus on the needs of everyone around us, prioritizing ourselves last.


My guest for this episode is Christen N. James, who has built a thriving career on helping entrepreneurs become more in touch with their own needs and learn how to advocate for themselves. 


Christen, also known as C.J., is a mindset and transition coach who helps her clients become more self aware — and use that new awareness to shift the way that they show up in their...


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