The Heart Of Your Work Is Not In Your Credentials - EP 93


“Has anybody ever asked you for any kind of credentials? Most often, the answer is no. So my message for you is to stop hiding: you’re enough. Go out there and create.”

—  Julie Greenham


The topic of this podcast is one that tends to come up a lot in conversations with my clients, with members of the Quiet Powerhouse Membership, and with entrepreneur friends of mine… and it’s a topic that used to come up quite often in conversation with myself, as well.


That’s right: this week’s episode is all about credibility.


Specifically, the idea that you need more credentials and certifications in order to feel worthy of serving your clients or audience.


Most often, this isn’t an idea that is brought up by the people we serve! It’s an idea that stems from inside ourselves — from the fear that we aren’t good enough or don’t have necessary expertise to help people or raise...

Perfectionism vs. Aspiration - EP 92


“We forget that everything we do or decide can be changed, or the course can be corrected. We can change directions whenever we please.”

—  Julie Greenham


If you’re the type of person who downloads freebies, signs up for courses and masterclasses, and subscribes to newsletters, you’ll want to listen to this episode!


This week, I’m reaching out to all of the quiet powerhouses who have no problem consuming content — but find that they may have some trouble putting their lessons into action.


Many of us buy business books or register for webinars with the very best intentions — this time, we tell ourselves, we’re really going to use our new knowledge to take our businesses to the next level by implementing new techniques or working on our mindset shifts.


But, somehow, we wind up feeling blocked when we actually try to make those changes!


As entrepreneurs, we tend to be fearful once...

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Introverted Business Owners Make: Part 2 - EP 91


“Some people put so much energy into content creation and relying on social media to create clients and customers. But we want to speak to them outside of all of these platforms. That’s why an email list is so great… email is not dead.”

—  Julie Greenham


I want you to make at least one mistake tomorrow. Don’t worry — you’ll thank me later!


This week’s episode of The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast is the second in a two-part series tackling the 10 biggest mistakes that introverted business owners make when trying to sell or launch an offer.


As I mentioned in the last episode, “mistake” is not a bad word — we want to make as many mistakes as possible in our business, and as early as we possibly can.


Without mistakes, we don’t learn and grow. Mistakes help us gain clarity, develop stronger offers, and refine our messaging. This episode is all about the mistakes that I...

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Introverted Business Owners Make: Part 1 - EP 90


“If you have the resiliency and support and are able to figure out what is currently not working, or why you had that result that you didn’t want… there’s always a solution.”

—  Julie Greenham


Do you have a favourite mistake?


This episode is the first in a two-part series tackling the 10 biggest mistakes that I see introverted entrepreneurs and business owners make when they are trying to sell or launch an offer — whether it’s a service or a product.


And I mean “mistakes” in the best possible way.


Behind every impressive and successful business owner, you will find a trail of mistakes and missteps that they have overcome and learned from over the course of building their businesses.


Without mistakes, we don’t gain clarity. Mistakes help us develop stronger offers.


The earlier we can make mistakes, the easier it will be to grow our businesses!



Why We Feel Imposter Syndrome, And How To Get Out Of It - EP 89


“I choose where I spend my money, and when I do that… I want to have the full experience. I want you to show me that, in every single part of my experience, you’re delivering on your values and your integrity and the things that you say you will do.”

—  Julie Greenham


Are you worried that you’re teaching or helping others with something that you haven’t fully mastered yet?


Here’s a quick news flash: very few people will ever reach the point of truly mastering something.


And that’s okay!


You can help people at a very high level, even if you still have a lot to learn yourself. You only have to be a few steps ahead of those you are teaching in order to offer real, significant value.


Perfection is not a requirement.


It is through making mistakes that we gain a deeper understanding of the things that we’re teaching, after all. And you can offer more value to people when...

How To Raise Your Prices (An Introvert's Guide) - EP 88


“People purchase for two things: they want more pleasure with something or they want to take pain away… and they are looking for your product or service to do just that.”

—  Julie Greenham


Too often, introverted entrepreneurs (especially women) do not price their offers anywhere near what they are actually worth.


It can be even harder to charge a fair price once you’ve already built up a client base.


We worry that raising our prices might lead to our clients rejecting us and our offers. We worry that charging more may turn off potential new clients. And we worry that our services aren’t worth more than what we already earn for them.


All of these emotions and feelings around money and worth can keep us trapped in a situation where we are working twice as hard as we need to, because we are consistently undervaluing ourselves.


It doesn’t need to be that way!


The truth is that people...

5 Abundance Mindset Blocks (And How to Unblock Them) - EP 87


“We cannot have MORE if we’re stuck on our limitations.”

—  Julie Greenham


How do we accept and welcome having more in our lives? More clients, more money, and more freedom?


It all comes down to mindset.


This episode of The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast is about the five abundance mindset blocks that I see most often when I am working with my coaching clients… and have actually experienced myself.


These mindset blocks can make it challenging for us to actually RECEIVE the good things in life — the success, wealth, and joy — that we’ve been working toward and truly deserve.


This year, I want you to develop a mindset that works FOR you, rather than against you.


From neutralizing your intrusive, negative beliefs to fighting back against your imposter syndrome, this episode will help you heal the mindset blocks that stand between you and your dream life!


Let’s get started!


How To Change Your Mindset - EP 85


“Mindset is the killer of all the dreams.”

—  Julie Greenham


The #1 question that I hear from my coaching clients is: “How do you start to believe that you’re worthy of more success, more good things, more joy, more clients, more money, and more freedom?”


Often, in order to really travel the path to prosperity, you have to first undergo a significant internal shift and change some of your deep-seated beliefs about money, power, and your own capability. 


Mindset is a topic that has really come into vogue lately, and for a good reason — even if ALL other pieces are in place, your mindset can still hold you back from taking risks, accepting opportunities, and embracing success.


In this episode, I share four things that you can do right now to help you shift your attitude, beliefs, and mindset… and learn how to welcome, achieve, and even expect your own success!



Creating Simplicity In Your Business & Life - EP 84


“We can’t start anew if we don’t leave things behind. We have to be letting go of things.”

—  Julie Greenham

January is an exciting time of year! It offers us the chance for a fresh start and the perfect opportunity to make necessary changes in our lives and in our businesses.


This year, I want to continue making the types of changes that helped me to DOUBLE my income in 2021… without even trying.


On that note, my intention word for 2022 is: simplicity. And this episode is all about keeping it simple.


From making new rules regarding my schedule to changing the way that I approach my decision-making, I am sharing the six ways that I am infusing more simplicity into my business this year. You’ll learn how to set your intention for the year, why you must start letting go of your need for control, and exactly why I unsubscribed to AppSumo (even though I love it)!


It all starts right now — just...

REPLAY: Why You Shouldn't Set New Year's Resolutions - EP 83


“Intentions have a lot of power. Because once you set an intention... you automatically start to create a direction. It’s like a starting point. It’s like a map. Your actions will follow and fall in place much more easily.”

—  Julie Greenham


This is the final episode of 2021 — so it’s time to talk about your New Year’s resolutions for 2022.


My advice? Don’t make any. Yes, I’m serious!


I don’t believe in setting resolutions because, for most people, they tend to take the form of radical, unrealistic goals that require a drastic change to their routine or lifestyle. 


These types of resolutions can feel really good at the moment that you set them — after all, they feel like the first step to creating a magical new life where you go to the gym every day, triple your monthly revenue, or cook complicated meals from scratch every night, for example.


Of course,...


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