Essential Oil Basics with Mackenzie Banta - EP 80


“It’s a real honour to be able to help people out there feel better naturally and have tools in their toolbox for themselves.”

—  Mackenzie Banta


If you’ve ever wanted to learn the basics of using essential oils for wellness, you’ll want to tune into this episode!


My guest, Mackenzie Banta, is the founder and CEO of Midtown Essential Oils, a health-conscious global community dedicated to natural health and holistic living.


Essential oils can be powerful tools, particularly when it comes to emotional healing. If you’ve ever used lavender essential oil in a warm bath or a citrus oil in a diffuser at the start of your workday, you know how just a few drops of oil can boost your mood! But did you know that some essential oils can also help reduce inflammation and lower cortisol levels? 


In this episode, Mackenzie answers some major FAQs about incorporating essential oils into your daily routine,...


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