You're Not Selling Confidence, You're Selling RESULTS - EP 102


“It’s truly important to remember that although confidence is what everyone is saying that they want, that is not what’s selling your services and products.”

Julie Greenham


Is “confidence” a part of what you deliver to your clients through your offers? For example, the confidence to appear on camera, the confidence to lose weight, or the confidence to take the steps to grow and scale their businesses.


You may believe that confidence is a key part of your offers — that the boost in confidence is what your customers are looking for and paying for. You may believe that this should play a major role in your messaging and marketing. This is something that I believed for a long time, too.


But here’s the truth: confidence alone does NOT sell.


Being “confident” in something sounds wonderful, but it’s a very vague statement. Instead of talking about how confident someone will feel after...


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