Is Your Personal Baggage Holding Your Business Back? - EP 98


“All of your luggage, all of your bags that you have in your personal life, you bring into your corporate or your business life.”

—  Julie Greenham


Is your personal baggage holding your business back?


As much as we may like to think that we have a professional version of ourselves AND a personal version, our personal lives and our businesses are interconnected. Many aspects of our personal lives can affect the choices we make in our businesses — including our values and unconscious beliefs. 


Sometimes, this is helpful. But sometimes, we need to take a step back and evaluate. 


Evaluate whether we are feeling aligned in our business in terms of our values.


Evaluate whether a fear of rejection is holding us back from great opportunities.


Evaluate how often we’re making choices based on OUR strengths, rather than the strengths of others.


In order to heal potentially harmful...


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