Focus On Sharing Value First In Your Content - EP 104


“Think of ‘convincing’ in not a boastful way, but like talking about yourself and your experience.”

Julie Greenham


Do you have trouble with the idea of selling your offers — even when you know for a fact that your product or service is a perfect fit for someone?


For many business owners, the idea of “selling” can feel pushy, aggressive… or even sleazy. As introverted entrepreneurs and especially introverted service-based entrepreneurs, we often have even more trouble feeling comfortable with selling our offers, as it can be challenging to put ourselves in the spotlight.


The good news: effective selling doesn’t require us to talk about ourselves very much at all!


So, how do you make people realize that what they need the most right now is precisely what you have to offer?


In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • The one letter that you...

Is It Okay To Repeat Topics In Your Marketing Content?


“We really need to be in that receiving mode in order for us to hear… we need to be in that open mode.”

—  Julie Greenham


Is content creation a constant source of stress for you? Do you find yourself worrying that you sound like a broken record — or that your audience may be getting tired of hearing from you?


Many of us definitely feel the pressure to create fresh, new content for our audiences each and every week. If we’ve already spoken about a topic, we feel that we need to toss it into the “been there, done that” pile and never speak of it again!


But the truth is that while WE may feel this way… our audiences do NOT.


Revisiting topics can actually be very beneficial, in fact! Repetition is a key factor in teaching and learning — often, we don’t FULLY understand or remember things until we’ve heard them multiple times. This kind of repetition can help us get a...


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