How To Raise Your Prices (An Introvert's Guide) - EP 88


“People purchase for two things: they want more pleasure with something or they want to take pain away… and they are looking for your product or service to do just that.”

—  Julie Greenham


Too often, introverted entrepreneurs (especially women) do not price their offers anywhere near what they are actually worth.


It can be even harder to charge a fair price once you’ve already built up a client base.


We worry that raising our prices might lead to our clients rejecting us and our offers. We worry that charging more may turn off potential new clients. And we worry that our services aren’t worth more than what we already earn for them.


All of these emotions and feelings around money and worth can keep us trapped in a situation where we are working twice as hard as we need to, because we are consistently undervaluing ourselves.


It doesn’t need to be that way!


The truth is that people...

Replay: How to Self-Advocate as an Introvert - EP 67


“I’m just learning over these last few years that ‘no’ is a complete sentence.”

—  Christen N. James


Alongside management, sales, and marketing, self-advocacy is an important skill that every entrepreneur should master!


As introverted business owners, we often stumble when it comes to standing up for ourselves — whether it’s against pushy clients, unfair vendors, or collaborators who may be taking advantage. We tend to be people-pleasers who focus on the needs of everyone around us, prioritizing ourselves last.


My guest for this episode is Christen N. James, who has built a thriving career on helping entrepreneurs become more in touch with their own needs and learn how to advocate for themselves. 


Christen, also known as C.J., is a mindset and transition coach who helps her clients become more self aware — and use that new awareness to shift the way that they show up in their...


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