Easy Steps For Introverted Entrepreneurs To Get More Visible - EP 99


“What is your communication style? You have to meet yourself where you are at.”

—  Julie Greenham


What can you do, as a Quiet Powerhouse, to get more visible and grow your connection with your audience?


First of all, you need to grow your connection with YOURSELF.


It takes a lot of inner work to become more comfortable putting yourself out there as the face of your brand, especially when you’re trying to gain more exposure and raise your profile. Being in tune with your own style of communication is absolutely essential, but it’s not the only thing you need to work on!


Press play now to learn my 3 easy steps to help introverted entrepreneurs boost their visibility more comfortably — without doing anything that feels unaligned!


(Full disclosure: these are the steps that I took to get comfortable with my own recent appearance on Global News!)


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