Replay: How Introverts Can Lead an Effective Online Workshop - EP 66


“Being a good listener is actually a big benefit to running a meeting or a workshop.”

—  Cathy Ginsberg


Can introverts lead successful, impactful online workshops? You bet they can!


This episode revisits a popular early episode of The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast, one that will be especially inspiring and useful to any introverted entrepreneur who has dreamed about leading an online workshop — but never thought it would be possible for them.


In this episode, my guest Cathy Ginsberg is here to tell you that not only can you lead a workshop, but you can make a major impact on your audience!


Cathy is an introverted career growth coach and trainer who helps women clarify and achieve their career goals. Through her business, People Focus Training Inc., she also helps managers create more inspiring workplaces (even when they’re virtual).


In this episode, Cathy shares some fantastic strategies for showing up...


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