Stop The Scatterbrain! Refine + Streamline - EP 96


“The truth is that our focus and clarity is so much better when we’re working on ONE thing. We’re able to come so much faster to the completion line when we’re working on one thing.”

—  Julie Greenham


Do you spend more time in your business on administrative tasks than on bringing your vision to life and creating impact for your clients?


This is the second in a series of episodes on productivity. Last week (episode #95), I talked about 3 techniques that you can implement right now to boost your productivity sustainably, without exhaustion or overwhelm — if you haven’t heard that episode, I recommend that you go back and listen!


This week, I share two more sustainable, healthy productivity-elevating techniques that will make a MAJOR difference in the way that you run your business!


Integrating automation into your business is one of the best ways to ensure that the time you spend working in...


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