Quiet, Intentional Leadership - EPISODE 43

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2021

“For me, with leadership, one of the big things is accountability… not just being someone that’s directing people, but being accountable.”

—  Terrance Lee



Terrance Lee, AKA The Introvert Leader, had always avoided taking on leadership roles — until he had to learn the skills by necessity.


Terrance’s shift to leadership happened after college, while he was being mentored on the F16 program at Lockheed Martin. 


When he had been there for just a few months, his mentor put in his two-week notice. Terrance was told that he was going to fill his mentor’s shoes at a big presentation — and speak to a group of experienced engineers and pilots.


Terrance nailed it.... and it gave him a giant confidence boost.


Since then, Terrance has taken on many leadership and management roles as an introvert, with incredible results.


Terrance believes that there are 3 key traits that...

Top Five Skills Introverted Entrepreneur Success - EPISODE 42

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2021

“When we’re talking about developing a blue-chip mindset for our business, we’re talking about prioritizing those tasks and activities that are money-generating.”

—  Julie Greenham


As introverted entrepreneurs, we often deal with unique obstacles. 


In this episode, I share five skills that can help introverted entrepreneurs grow their businesses and achieve their highest potential.


While we have an abundance of soft skills such as high emotional intelligence, incredible active listening skills, a capacity for self-reflection, and the ability to be highly self-motivated, we do face some common challenges.


Five specific challenges in particular have come up in many of my conversations with both my clients and members of the Mindful Entrepreneur Membership. 


One example? Prioritizing.


Let me tell you: there’s a major difference between being busy and being productive.


Often, we...

Working In Flow - EPISODE 41

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2021

“The way that I would move about my day was more about listening and trusting, and then recognizing that life became more rewarding when I did that.”

—  Nadine Moffatt


What are the benefits of living at a slower pace and working in flow?


Working in flow gives you a deeper sense of satisfaction and can boost your productivity — rather than just ticking off the tasks, you’re working in alignment with your purpose. 


On the other hand, working outside of flow saps your energy, and can leave you feeling rundown, stressed out... or even sick.


My guest, Nadine Moffatt, is an intuitive energy healer who helps high-functioning women who are anxious and sleep-deprived restore their connection to themselves, their energy, and inner peace. 


She believes that working in flow is an especially useful practice for introverted entrepreneurs!


Connecting with our inner guiding voice and honoring it helps us...

Honouring Your Introversion In An Extraverted Industry - ENCORE EPISODE 40!

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2021

When you think of the acting world, you don't necessarily think that an introvert would blend naturally in that environment.

But that’s not necessarily true. It’s indeed possible and comes with certain challenges —as my guest Courtney Ferguson explains in this episode.

Courtney’s childhood dream was to act. She performed in church and high school plays, studied drama at a prestigious university, and got acting gigs immediately upon graduation. But after landing some leading roles, the curtain fell on her promising career.

What happened? Courtney was living her aspiration yet was drained and distracted. She didn’t understand why and she exited stage left.

This is where the plot thickens. With time away from the stage, Courtney finally gets some answers. How does it play out? Grab a front row seat … you’re about to find out.



Courtney is an actress based out of Atlanta and New York City. She is also a graduate of Howard...

Using Your Intuitive Voice - EPISODE 39

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2021

“We’re actually taught to disconnect from our intuition. We’re taught to not trust it and not listen to it. So reconnecting to it is a process — it doesn’t happen overnight.”

—  Vicky Cook


Vicky Cook has never seen herself as a traditional business coach.


In fact, she doesn’t focus on strategy, sales, or content.


Instead, Vicky helps her clients reconnect with their intuition.


“Mindset and intuition and energy, those are the areas that really fire me up and I think those are the areas that are undervalued when we talk about starting a business and running a business,” Vicky explains.


As new entrepreneurs, we tend to focus on things like learning how to create content or how to build a sales funnel. But Vicky believes that there is deep work we can do within ourselves that will ease our journey into entrepreneurship — and make everything else easier!



You Don’t Have To Be The Loudest Person To Inspire Change - EPISODE 38

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2021

“When you lead with kindness, people feel that energy.”

— Amy Keon


“You don’t have to be the loudest person to inspire others to be kind,” says Amy Keon, pediatric registered nurse, empath, and my special guest for this episode. Her Facebook community, Share Kindness Loudly, is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating everyday acts of kindness by everyday people.


Amy believes that you don’t need to change yourself or take on extroverted traits in order to inspire people — you can do it in your own quiet, authentic, introverted way!


Leading with kindness uplifts and fuels those around us. As Amy explains, to lead with kindness is to spread joy, share awareness, learn from each other, not be judgmental, and be generous with our time. Workplaces are transformed when led by leaders who model generosity and empathy. By leading with kindness, we build morale and loyalty in our teams, inspire them to work at their...

Becoming A Powerful Entrepreneur - EPISODE 37

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2021

“Personal power is all about having confidence in your skills, in your abilities, and in your experience… it’s a lifelong experience to develop that confidence.”

—  Keni Dominguez


Can you show up as an introvert — and still get the recognition you need?


My guest Keni Dominguez has always been interested in inclusivity, justice, and equity in the workplace, but her approach is a bit unique: she emphasizes the importance of being inclusive of all cognitive types, as 40% of most workplaces are made up of introverts!


As an introvert herself, Keni is interested in helping other introverts develop the skills that they need to thrive in a world of extroverts.


Many introverts have thrived during the pandemic, with its focus on remote working and asynchronous communication. Many of us have also developed better work boundaries during this time.


Having strong and intentional boundaries is a skill that will...

How Introverts Close Sales - EPISODE 36

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2021

“When people feel like you get them, that’s honestly the golden nugget to rapport, to relationship, to building that trust.” 

— Jennifer Maxwell


Can a personality quiz make you a better salesperson?


The DISC behavioral model divides personality traits into four quadrants: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance. 


Knowing your score can help you become a better salesperson!


My guest Jennifer Maxwell is a certified DISC trainer and speaker. When she started on her entrepreneurial journey, she had no formal sales training and couldn’t figure out why she had so much trouble closing. Her closing rate soared to an astonishing 90% once she applied DISC research to her sales technique!


Now, she offers courses in applying these same knowledge to her clients’ business and helping them build better rapport with their prospects.


“There are things that kind of go along with those...

Deepening Connections To Clients With Brand Photography - EPISODE 35

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2021

As an introvert, why should you invest in professional photography for your business?


Brand photography helps you differentiate yourself in the marketplace, showcase your unique vibe and essence, and tell your story — without having to say a word!


If you don’t like to speak a lot, you can communicate a lot of things through eye-catching, informative, and attractive visuals, particularly when they’re paired with clean, brand-aligned copy.


That makes it a great tool for introverts!


My guest for this episode is Nathalie Amlani, brand photographer and owner of Pictonat Branding Creative.


Brand photographers take pictures that help to market or sell a product or service, and Nathalie has the unique talent of being able to capture the essence of who people are — and her images can make a big impact for their business!


Images can tell an emotional story — you can convey calm, joy, excitement, and more with a...

Engaging Effectively on LinkedIn - EPISODE 34

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2021

“You don’t have to be a marketing expert. You don’t have to be a financier. You don’t have to be a speaker or a coach. Everybody has a place on LinkedIn.” -  Laura Connor


This episode’s guest, Laura Connor, is a LinkedIn marketing strategist and owner of Connor Speaks, offering LinkedIn coaching, training, and marketing consulting services. 


And she believes that LinkedIn is an amazing platform for introverts!


LinkedIn is about so much more now than just posting or looking for a job — it’s a place to connect with ideal clients and build your network locally, nationally, or internationally.


While other platforms are riddled with toxicity and negativity, people on LinkedIn show up in ways that are authentic, supportive, and encouraging. 


You can use LinkedIn to advance your career, build networks, gain exposure, build engagement, generate leads, and establish thought leadership.


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