5 Transformational Business Growth Strategies You Need for 2022 - EP 82


“You already have what it takes. You just need someone to help you do it in a very strategic way.”

—  Julie Greenham


For many people, myself included, last year was full of intense emotions and situations. Yet despite all of the hardships that 2021 dropped in my lap, I still managed to double my income... while slowing down my pace and creating space to honour and experience my feelings.


How did I do it?


Through implementing five intentional practices designed to help me to grow as a person — which unexpectedly helped me grow as a business owner, too!


As we head into another year of uncertainty, I want you to have the tools that you need to scale with ease. In this episode, I break down each of these new practices and how they’ve changed my life for the better. You’ll learn who I worked with to put them in place, the immediate benefits to my business, and how they’ve dramatically shifted my mindset.


Do you want to step into 2022 ready for amazing growth? Then just press play — it all starts here!


In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • How to tap into and leverage the valuable tools and skills that you already have 
  • The importance of being open to looking at things from a new perspective and with fresh eyes 
  • How to become comfortable investing in the stock market (even if you’ve never done it before) 


Highlights:‌ ‌


00:01  Intro


02:29  My 2021


04:06  See it for the “first time”


05:15  Mindfulness story


08:17  Being ready energetically


09:24  Mindset, Megan & Melissa 


13:58  Speaking & Nadine


16:18  CBT


17:21  Embrace the duality of everything


20:51  You have all the tools


22:35  Speaking & Jennifer


28:24  What do you think you don’t have?


31:14  Recap



Megan O’Neill



Melissa Houston



Nadine Moffatt



Jennifer Singh



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