Replay: How to Self-Advocate as an Introvert - EP 67


“I’m just learning over these last few years that ‘no’ is a complete sentence.”

—  Christen N. James


Alongside management, sales, and marketing, self-advocacy is an important skill that every entrepreneur should master!


As introverted business owners, we often stumble when it comes to standing up for ourselves — whether it’s against pushy clients, unfair vendors, or collaborators who may be taking advantage. We tend to be people-pleasers who focus on the needs of everyone around us, prioritizing ourselves last.


My guest for this episode is Christen N. James, who has built a thriving career on helping entrepreneurs become more in touch with their own needs and learn how to advocate for themselves. 


Christen, also known as C.J., is a mindset and transition coach who helps her clients become more self aware — and use that new awareness to shift the way that they show up in their businesses.


I couldn’t think of a better guest for this topic!


This is a replay of an early episode, but its subject matter remains timeless. Tune in to learn about C.J.’s personal journey to self-awareness and strong self-advocacy, why it’s so hard for introverts to speak up for ourselves, and how to say no without saying “no.”


In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • Why self-advocacy becomes easier through practice and experience
  • How to weigh the benefits of speaking out — and know when to save your energy
  • Strategies for standing up for yourself (even when it terrifies you)!


About Christen N. James: Christen N. James is a certified master mindset and transition coach who believes in the importance of understanding how experiences, emotions, and thoughts impact how we show up in our businesses.


Highlights:‌ ‌


00:01  Behind the replay


01:27   ‌Meet C.J.


02:37  What holds us back & planting the seed 


04:16  What’s in a name?


06:17  Pivotal moment


08:09  Finding her voice


11:26  Changing in new environments


13:45  Learning through experience


15:31  Weighing benefits


18:13  Say no without saying no


21:45  Benefits


23:59  Self-advocacy in kids


25:30  Reflecting & finding courage


28:07  Nervous v. excited


29:53  Mindset


32:14  3 questions


33:30  Honour yourself



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