How To Overcome Negative Self-Talk - EP 59


“Your business only grows as much as you do.”

—  Julie Greenham

How can we quiet our negative inner voices?


We all deal with inner criticism — especially those of us who suffer from imposter syndrome. If we give our negative inner voice too much power, it can stop us from chasing our goals or taking the kind of risks that can have big payoffs for our businesses.


Why is it so important to counteract those pesky, negative thoughts? Because thoughts influence our feelings, our feelings shape our behaviour, and our behaviour leads to our results. Negative thinking can lead to procrastination, inability to make decisions, fear of moving forward or taking action, self sabotage, and anxiety. A strong negative thought can actually have a big impact on your life, relationship, and business!


Many people say that mantras are an effective way to redirect their inner voices. Mantras are important and they have their place, but they’re often far more effective when used alongside other mindfulness techniques. 


So, how do we rid ourselves of these negative thoughts? Through deeper inner work and mental decluttering. And now is the best time to get started.


In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

✔  How to break the negative thought, feeling, and behaviour cycle that holds us back

✔  A journaling exercise with action steps that you can complete right now (link to doc below!)

✔  How to treat forgiveness as a gift that you give yourself — and when to use it


Highlights:‌ ‌


01:47  Mantras are the cherry on top


02:33  Getting stuck in a rut


03:27  Thoughts, feelings, behaviour


04:52  Journal exercise


06:48  Find your top three


08:44  Why do you believe?


11:08  What do you want?


13:53  Forgiving


16:28  Creating new beliefs



Action steps exercise sheet


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