Adding Joy To Your Business Plan - EP 55


“We should be in charge of how we spend our days... If we’re feeling not lit up, not excited to get out of bed in the morning, there’s things that we can do about that.”

—  Lianne Kim


Is seeking joy part of your business plan? Because it should be.


Seeking the joy in running our businesses helps us to deal with the ups and downs, the stresses, and the challenges that inevitably pop up on our entrepreneurial journeys. 


My guest for this episode, Lianne Kim, is the author of Building a Joyful Business, which teaches how to create an inspiring vision for your business and build a living based on your passions and strengths, along with practical advice for introducing ease into the less joyful parts of your business.  


“As entrepreneurs, I think we can find our business is running away with itself, and we forget that we are in charge of everything we do in our business, from how we work to who we work with, to when we do that work, they energy that we bring — that all comes from the inside out,” Lianne explains. “I hear women say things like ‘I have to do it this way’ or ‘isn’t this the right way?’ and it’s funny that we assert ourselves and we make the leap to start a business, but very quickly we start to do what we think is expected of us, as opposed to what we want to be doing.”


So, what do YOU want to be doing?


In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • The first steps you can take to seek joy in your own business  
  • How Lianne lost her mojo in her business — and what she did to get it back 
  • The common barriers to moving a business that you love — and how to overcome them


About Lianne Kim

Lianne Kim is a business coach and the founder of Mamas & Co., a community that supports mamapreneurs. She hosts the wildly popular podcast, The Business of Thinking Big. She has recently released her first book, Building a Joyful Business. Lianne is on a mission to help women make a great living on their own terms doing what they love.


Highlights:‌ ‌

02:19  Meet Lianne Kim

06:45  We’re in charge

08:30  Transitioning from corporate

09:28  Work with people you love

10:14  Raise the bar for joy

11:43  Reclaiming joy 

15:13  Common barriers

18:53  Building a Joyful Business

23:46  Inspiration

27:26  First steps & takeaway

30:43 Lightning Round



Lianne Kim

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