Optimize Your Energy With A Great Sleep - EP 53



Poor sleep affects our energy, productivity, emotions, motivation, how we learn, and the way we show up in our businesses and with the people that we care about.


But did you know you can take steps during the day to help you make the most of the energy you have — and actually rest better at night?


By learning how to optimize your energy levels and get better sleep, you increase your ability to concentrate, better regulate your emotions, and reduce your chances of burnout!


My guest for this episode is Paige Purvis, an integrative nutrition health coach and founder of Radiant Self. Paige helps her clients improve their sleep quality, achieve hormonal balance, and increase their energy. “I believe sleep is your superpower,” Paige says. “It’s so impactful to all areas of your life and also most of what you’re doing in the day is impactful to your sleep.”


While sleeping for just six hours is often seen as something entrepreneurs should be proud of, getting a full night’s sleep isn’t lazy — it helps you perform at your best and give your business the concentration and productivity it deserves.


How much more effective would you be if you were well-rested and ready to take on any challenge? Listen to this episode and find out!


In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • Simple AM/PM routines to optimize energy & get more sleep 
  • Natural tools & supplements to improve sleep quality
  • Tips for falling back asleep if you wake in the night 


About Paige Purvis

Paige Purvis is an integrative nutrition health coach and founder of Radiant Self, where she sets clients on the path to sustainable weight loss, sleep quality improvement, hormonal balance, and increased energy.


Highlights:‌ ‌

01:22  Meet Paige Purvis

03:45  Impacts on business & life

05:35  How much sleep?

06:43  Morning & evening routines

09:17  Blue light 

11:20  Eating habits

13:31  Fall back asleep

14:25  Tracking & supplements

17:43   L-theanine & tapping

19:08  Dreams

21:42  #1 tip for better sleep hygiene

24:08  Peter Crone

26:03  Lightning Round



Paige Purvis



Instagram: @healthcoachpaige 


Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker



Sleep & anxiety study



Blue light blockers




Oura Ring



Sleep Cycle



Tapping app



Brad Yates



Peter Crone



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