Quiet, Intentional Leadership - EPISODE 43

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2021

“For me, with leadership, one of the big things is accountability… not just being someone that’s directing people, but being accountable.”

—  Terrance Lee



Terrance Lee, AKA The Introvert Leader, had always avoided taking on leadership roles — until he had to learn the skills by necessity.


Terrance’s shift to leadership happened after college, while he was being mentored on the F16 program at Lockheed Martin. 


When he had been there for just a few months, his mentor put in his two-week notice. Terrance was told that he was going to fill his mentor’s shoes at a big presentation — and speak to a group of experienced engineers and pilots.


Terrance nailed it.... and it gave him a giant confidence boost.


Since then, Terrance has taken on many leadership and management roles as an introvert, with incredible results.


Terrance believes that there are 3 key traits that make a good leader.


You must have the ability to own up to your missteps and model that type of behaviour for your team. “There are times where, as a leader, you make a mistake. You may not always get it right,” Terrance says. Being accountable to your team builds trust and raises morale.  


Terrance’s Instagram is full of amazing advice for rising to your leadership potential, and he’s not shy about sharing his best tips on this episode! 


Let’s get started!


In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • 3 key leadership traits that introverted leaders should cultivate   
  • Terrence’s surprisingly simple #1 recommendation for introverted business owners 
  • 3 useful practices for introverted leaders


About Terrance Lee

Terrance Lee is a functional engineering manager and project lead. He avoided leadership roles until he started his engineering career, when he had to learn leadership skills by necessity. He wants to empower introverts to tap into their own inner leadership potential. 


Highlights:‌ ‌

02:11  Introducing Terrance Lee

04:26  3 keys to leadership

06:33  Shifting to leadership

09:00  Countering limiting voices

10:42  #1 recommendation for introverted business owners

13:22  Terrance’s top 3 favourite leaders

15:14  Useful practices for introverted leaders

17:26  Selling ourselves v sharing knowledge

18:11  Find Terrance

18:37  Lightning round



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