Using Your Intuitive Voice - EPISODE 39

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2021

“We’re actually taught to disconnect from our intuition. We’re taught to not trust it and not listen to it. So reconnecting to it is a process — it doesn’t happen overnight.”

—  Vicky Cook


Vicky Cook has never seen herself as a traditional business coach.


In fact, she doesn’t focus on strategy, sales, or content.


Instead, Vicky helps her clients reconnect with their intuition.


“Mindset and intuition and energy, those are the areas that really fire me up and I think those are the areas that are undervalued when we talk about starting a business and running a business,” Vicky explains.


As new entrepreneurs, we tend to focus on things like learning how to create content or how to build a sales funnel. But Vicky believes that there is deep work we can do within ourselves that will ease our journey into entrepreneurship — and make everything else easier!


“Intuition can be a little bit of a loaded word sometimes. I think it can come with stories, people may see it as a little bit woo-woo,” Vicky explains. “Just that term ‘intuition’ might prevent some people from seeing that they have one… and they might miss the opportunity to use that.”   


Vicky likens intuition to an inner guidance system, like a personal GPS. When we use GoogleMaps or GPS, we trust that it will get us to where we need to go, even when it needs to recalibrate due to traffic or wrong turns.


We just need to learn to trust our inner guidance system the same way!


In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • 3 solid first steps you can take to reconnect to your own inner guidance system 
  • How your intuition can help you run your business in an aligned way — and the 3-item checklist that will keep you on track
  • What happens when you ignore your intuition — and how it can wind up costing you money


About Vicky Cook

Vicky Cook is a Certified Professional Coach and hardcore, proud introvert! She is the founder of Intuitive Intropreneur and helps intropreneurs learn to trust their instincts, follow their intuition, and thrive by using their innate introverted gifts to shine.


Highlights:‌ ‌

01:30  Introducing Vicky Cook

02:45  The journey to intropreneurship

06:19  Reconnecting with your inner guidance system

09:03  The first steps

12:07  Intuition & alignment

16:47  Ignoring your intuition

19:40  Action items

22:21  Vicky’s intuition examples

27:30  Vicky’s final thoughts

30:24  Lightning round



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