Finding Your Inner Motivator - EPISODE 31

Uncategorized Dec 24, 2020

“People don’t like pushy salespeople… so being an introvert, I think, has actually worked to my advantage.” —  Barry Karch

 Real estate doesn’t feel like a space where introverts would thrive. 

Barry Karch, however, has been a successful realtor for 35 years — despite having always been quiet and introverted. 

In fact, he consistently outsells his more outgoing colleagues!

“Being an introvert, I think, has actually worked to my advantage, because I’m not going to be loud and obnoxious and try to talk people into something,” Barry explains. No one wants pushy, high-pressure tactics for a high-ticket item. 

People feel more comfortable around Barry because he doesn’t do the non-stop chatter and high-pressure sales strategies. Instead, he allows them space to truly consider their potential new home.

Barry’s low-pressure approach helps clients trust him and feel much better about buying.

One of the hardest parts of his job remains reaching out to build and nurture his client base. As Barry says, “You have to reach out to people to be successful. You can’t sit back and wait for people to contact you, or you’re not going to do as well as you would like. You have to overcome the fear or the anxiety of making the calls.”

As an introvert, Barry does deal with negative thoughts and anxieties that pop up when he needs to make sales calls or interact with potential new clients — but he’s come up with savvy strategies to push through anxieties and generate strong motivation to do what he needs to do.


In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode of the Quiet Powerhouse podcast,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • Key strategies for overcoming negative thoughts 
  • How to pinpoint your ‘Big Why’ and use it to build motivation
  • How to feel comfortable with marketing yourself through video — and the #1 fact you need to keep in mind


“People fear rejection a lot, but you really don’t get that much rejection. Most people are pleasant — your vision in your mind is worse than what actually happens.”

—  Barry Karch


About Barry Karch

Barry Karch is the broker/owner of The Real Estate Power Houses in El Paso, TX. Despite being a quieter person, he has consistently outsold his more outgoing colleagues. Barry created The Real Estate UnSalesperson podcast to get the word out that you can be successful in selling real estate simply by being yourself. People in other sales professions will also enjoy this podcast because much of it has to do with mindset.  


Highlights:‌ ‌

01:46  Introducing Barry Karch

03:05  How introversion can help in sales

04:29  Strategies for overcoming negative talk

08:01  Countering negative talk in business

09:44  Don’t fear rejection so much

11:16  Sales and marketing strategies 

13:41  Create good habits

14:15  Barry’s key takeaways



The Real Estate UnSalesperson podcast 

The Real Estate Power Houses 



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