Finding Comfort in Colour and Light with Trina Turl - EPISODE‌ ‌30

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2020

‌“Don’t be afraid to be the quiet one, because we’re the ones that are the most dangerous.” —  Trina Turl

Can introversion be a service provider’s secret weapon?

Trina Turl is a commercial photographer with a wealth of talent and an introvert’s distaste for small talk and big crowds. A former wedding photographer, she found it challenging to shoot large events and has since transitioned to specializing in photography for small business, shooting interiors, products, and small groups.

Trina loves working closely with smaller businesses and designers, because it allows her to build stronger connections and be more collaborative.

As a shy introvert, Trina tends to be very quiet around new people and needs some time to get out of her shell, which can make it more challenging for her to get new clients. “It’s really hard to get clients when you’re super quiet, especially when you’re networking,” she explains. “Putting myself out there and making noise just feels very uncomfortable.”

But when she is talking about creative projects, Trina comes alive — and this is where she can create incredible connections with her clients!

“Once I get on a call with them, or we’re in-person, and we start talking about ideas and creativity and their project, I get really animated and very excited, because that’s really what lights me up,” Trina says. As an introvert she also has a very special gift — that of being able to listen closely and gather key information from her clients, so that she can help them achieve their vision and find the most success. By truly hearing their needs, Trina is able to anticipate the possibilities of what her photography can do for their business — it’s a true introvert superpower!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode of the Quiet Powerhouse podcast,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  •  Why introversion can actually be a service-based entrepreneur’s superpower
  •  How to calm your nerves before meeting with clients on-site
  •  Simple ways to fuel creativity using the world around you

“We’re at our most creative when there are some boundaries in place that we have to problem-solve around.” —  Trina Turl

About Trina Turl

Trina Turl is a photographer and the founder of Clio & Fox. She loves working with small businesses to help them create memorable images that will help them capture the imaginations of their customers.


Highlights:‌ ‌

01:22  Introducing Trina Turl

02:43  Photography for introverts

03:46  Introverted networking

06:24  Building connection through creativity

08:54  Trina’s source of inspiration

10:34  Service-provider nerves ‌

13:11  The positive side of introversion in business ‌

14:49  Don’t be afraid to be the quiet one ‌

15:20  Lightning round questions! ‌



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