Focus On Sharing Value First In Your Content - EP 104


“Think of ‘convincing’ in not a boastful way, but like talking about yourself and your experience.”

Julie Greenham


Do you have trouble with the idea of selling your offers — even when you know for a fact that your product or service is a perfect fit for someone?


For many business owners, the idea of “selling” can feel pushy, aggressive… or even sleazy. As introverted entrepreneurs and especially introverted service-based entrepreneurs, we often have even more trouble feeling comfortable with selling our offers, as it can be challenging to put ourselves in the spotlight.


The good news: effective selling doesn’t require us to talk about ourselves very much at all!


So, how do you make people realize that what they need the most right now is precisely what you have to offer?


In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • The one letter that you...

3 Ways To Build Up Your Entrepreneurial Resiliency - EP 103


“We all start in business thinking we’re going to do what we love and it’s going to be great, but there’s so many other parts that we didn’t expect... We need to bounce back easy from these things.”

—  Julie Greenham


If I were to ask you what you believe to be the #1 trait that you need in order to run your business effectively, what would you say?


Most people believe that “confidence” is the top trait of successful business owners. I happen to have a different opinion!


As business owners, we don’t often start off feeling confident. The early days of a start-up can be nerve wracking — and so can many of the days that we experience after years of running established businesses! Confidence is something that grows over time, so I don’t think it’s the most helpful way to frame success.


I think that the #1 trait that contributes to success is resiliency.



You're Not Selling Confidence, You're Selling RESULTS - EP 102


“It’s truly important to remember that although confidence is what everyone is saying that they want, that is not what’s selling your services and products.”

Julie Greenham


Is “confidence” a part of what you deliver to your clients through your offers? For example, the confidence to appear on camera, the confidence to lose weight, or the confidence to take the steps to grow and scale their businesses.


You may believe that confidence is a key part of your offers — that the boost in confidence is what your customers are looking for and paying for. You may believe that this should play a major role in your messaging and marketing. This is something that I believed for a long time, too.


But here’s the truth: confidence alone does NOT sell.


Being “confident” in something sounds wonderful, but it’s a very vague statement. Instead of talking about how confident someone will feel after...

Is It Okay To Repeat Topics In Your Marketing Content?


“We really need to be in that receiving mode in order for us to hear… we need to be in that open mode.”

—  Julie Greenham


Is content creation a constant source of stress for you? Do you find yourself worrying that you sound like a broken record — or that your audience may be getting tired of hearing from you?


Many of us definitely feel the pressure to create fresh, new content for our audiences each and every week. If we’ve already spoken about a topic, we feel that we need to toss it into the “been there, done that” pile and never speak of it again!


But the truth is that while WE may feel this way… our audiences do NOT.


Revisiting topics can actually be very beneficial, in fact! Repetition is a key factor in teaching and learning — often, we don’t FULLY understand or remember things until we’ve heard them multiple times. This kind of repetition can help us get a...

Establishing A Success-Focused Routine - EP 100


“We go through phases in life where we have to be realistic with what we’re capable of doing, mentally and physically, where we are.”

—  Julie Greenham


Welcome to episode 100! (Just wanted to take a small moment to celebrate!)  Getting to 100 episodes is no mean feat. Like achieving any other goal, the path is made easier when you’ve established a success-focused routine.


Whether you’re a morning or an evening person, having a great routine and building healthy and productive new habits can help you make big transformations over time — even though the daily changes themselves may be small.


It doesn’t require a major time investment. Your routine doesn’t have to be more than ten minutes long (of course, it can be longer if you wish!). If you’re ready to create a routine designed to help you achieve — through small, consistent steps — then press play! It all starts right...

Easy Steps For Introverted Entrepreneurs To Get More Visible - EP 99


“What is your communication style? You have to meet yourself where you are at.”

—  Julie Greenham


What can you do, as a Quiet Powerhouse, to get more visible and grow your connection with your audience?


First of all, you need to grow your connection with YOURSELF.


It takes a lot of inner work to become more comfortable putting yourself out there as the face of your brand, especially when you’re trying to gain more exposure and raise your profile. Being in tune with your own style of communication is absolutely essential, but it’s not the only thing you need to work on!


Press play now to learn my 3 easy steps to help introverted entrepreneurs boost their visibility more comfortably — without doing anything that feels unaligned!


(Full disclosure: these are the steps that I took to get comfortable with my own recent appearance on Global News!)


In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌...

Is Your Personal Baggage Holding Your Business Back? - EP 98


“All of your luggage, all of your bags that you have in your personal life, you bring into your corporate or your business life.”

—  Julie Greenham


Is your personal baggage holding your business back?


As much as we may like to think that we have a professional version of ourselves AND a personal version, our personal lives and our businesses are interconnected. Many aspects of our personal lives can affect the choices we make in our businesses — including our values and unconscious beliefs. 


Sometimes, this is helpful. But sometimes, we need to take a step back and evaluate. 


Evaluate whether we are feeling aligned in our business in terms of our values.


Evaluate whether a fear of rejection is holding us back from great opportunities.


Evaluate how often we’re making choices based on OUR strengths, rather than the strengths of others.


In order to heal potentially harmful...

3 Simple Ways To Get Motivated - EP 97


“In our business journey and in our personal lives as well, we have highs and lows… The key to dealing with those lows is to plan ahead.”

—  Julie Greenham


How do you reenergize and replenish once you’ve worked to the point of losing motivation and drive? How do you come out of a dry spell engaged and ready to serve your clients? 


These are questions that have come up recently in The Quiet Powerhouse Membership, and I know that many introverted entrepreneurs deal with them regularly. 


When we’re faced with large To-Do lists, challenging obstacles, or even a run of grey, gloomy days, it can be easy to feel uninspired, unmotivated, or overwhelmed. Unfortunately, the longer it takes to get back on track, the more our To-Do lists can pile up… making everything feel even more daunting!


In this episode, I share 3 simple ways to regain your motivation so that you can continue to grow your...

Stop The Scatterbrain! Refine + Streamline - EP 96


“The truth is that our focus and clarity is so much better when we’re working on ONE thing. We’re able to come so much faster to the completion line when we’re working on one thing.”

—  Julie Greenham


Do you spend more time in your business on administrative tasks than on bringing your vision to life and creating impact for your clients?


This is the second in a series of episodes on productivity. Last week (episode #95), I talked about 3 techniques that you can implement right now to boost your productivity sustainably, without exhaustion or overwhelm — if you haven’t heard that episode, I recommend that you go back and listen!


This week, I share two more sustainable, healthy productivity-elevating techniques that will make a MAJOR difference in the way that you run your business!


Integrating automation into your business is one of the best ways to ensure that the time you spend working in...

3 High Performance Habits You Can Implement Today To Increase Productivity - EP 95


“It’s ingrained in us to believe in the hustle mentality, like doing more is productive — when actually, it is quite the opposite.”

—  Julie Greenham


What are the top 3 high-performance habits that you can implement *right now* in order to increase your everyday productivity?


They may not be what you think!


As entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs with online businesses, we’ve been fed a lot of messaging that seems to celebrate and encourage productivity — but can actually HARM our productivity in the long run! The ‘hustle culture’ movement may appear to be productivity-focused, but it can actually lead to the #1 productivity-killer: burnout.


Our minds and bodies need to take breaks in order to continue working at our highest and most creative levels. And when we don’t honour that need for rest, we put ourselves on a path to exhaustion and overwhelm. 



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