Hi! I'm Julie 

I help quiet entrepreneurs make non-sleazy sales so they can book out their services, earn what they want & deserve and work less.  

Hi! I'm Julie.

I help introverted business owners get the RIGHT strategies, tools and habits they need to put themselves out there in the world so they can sell their services and products with EASE

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Learn the 12 exact strategies you can adopt right now to make simple and powerful mindset shifts, that will allow you to ditch the fear, show up and do the work you are meant to be doing! 


The Quiet Powerhouse Membership


An amazing community for the quiet business owner and entrepreneur who's wanting to create offers that people will love and happily invest in, who wants to start or grow their business without having to sacrifice their energy, time and boundaries and who's looking to earn what they want & deserve.



Private Coaching


A personalized and supportive program tailored to suit quiet business owners or entrepreneurs looking to get out of their head so they can find the courage they need to genuinely connect with their audience, have ethical sales conversations, get on more podcasts (or stages?!), launch their latest offer, and sell their product or service with ease.




Quiet Powerhouse Planning 2023


Coming Soon - December 2022! A two-day virtual workshop for quiet business owners and entrepreneurs to plan their first 90 days in business and create time for what matters the most to them next year. They will learn how to ditch their daily overwhelm that their to-do list currently brings and start getting organized and in action to finally accomplish their goals! 



The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast


Running a business as a quiet entrepreneur in an extraverted world can feel vulnerable, overwhelming and downright draining - but it doesn't have to be the way.

I'm your host, Julie Greenham and I am here to help you create offers that people will love and invest in so you can book out your services and work less. 

I openly share my lessons learned, my challenges on this entrepreneurial journey as a quiet business owner and I bring special guests along with me to teach you the same. 


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Booked Out Services for Quiet Business Owners


Quiet entrepreneurs often see their tendencies as a disadvantage in the business world (I sure did). But the reality is that you don't have to be more outgoing to build a powerful business. 

The secret to booking out your services and being an ethical entrepreneur comes from a combination of having the right guidance and learning the quiet business essentials so you can work less, do the work you are meant to do in this world and feel good earning more doing what you love most – and I’m here to help you do it.

I’m Julie Greenham, founder of The Quiet Powerhouse and a quiet business owner (major introvert alert!). I help other quiet entrepreneurs make non-sleazy sales so they can book out their services, work less and earn what they want & deserve through a group membership program, one-on-one coaching, The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast and a yearly Quiet Powerhouse Planning

I whole-heartedly believe that quietness and business success are NOT mutually exclusive. And I can't wait to help you create a powerful yet quiet business that feels GOOD to you and attracts the people who you are meant to serve.


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Learn 15 awesome tips you can use right now to stand out from the crowd and be a remarkable podcast guest (whether it's your first or 100th guest interview!)